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A Guide to Tournament Promotion Offers

Tournament Leader Board TLBIf you consider yourself an elite online poker tournament player, than you’re probably already familiar with tournament leaderboard promotions. This section acts as a guide to the hottest tournament promotions on the net. Where you can not only prove your elite-ness, but you can also line your pockets with some extra cash in the process.

Our personal favorite is the Full Tilt Poker TLB as the payouts are high and their is plenty of action at all stakes.


New PokerStars Sit and Go Leader Boards

PokerStars Battle of the Planets SNG LeaderboardPokerStars recently introduced its first ever Sit and Go leaderboard promotion. This very impressive TLB awards $3,000,000 per year to Sit and Go players. PokerStars has made it so both part and full time players of any bankroll size can compete in the weekly SNG TLB races. They’ve accomplished this by dividing the TLB into 8 different divisions based off entry fee sizes and then broken each of these 8 groups into a low orbit (20 SNGs count) and high orbit (100 SNGs count) brackets. For full details on earning points as well as the prize break downs visit our PokerStars Sit and Go Leaderboard page.

Sit & Go Players – Test the Waters First With Shark Scope

If you can’t spot a sucker during the first level of any sit and go tournament, then chances are you’re not using Shark Scope. Thanks to their incredible website you never have to go into another sit and go tournament blind ever again. The Shark Scope database allows you to search information on your opponents such as average return on investment, number of games played, total profit, win/loss streaks and much more. Also certain players searched will be marked with a fish bowl (you want to get in pots with these players) or with a shark fin (avoid getting into tight sports with these players). If a player Is on tilt or super tilt you can also find this info on their site. Check out their website at

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Top Online Poker Leaderboards

Here are the top current tournament leaderboard promotions. Note that Party and Ladbrokes do not accept American players, the rest of the sites on this guide do.

full tilt Full Tilt Poker offers a monthly tournament leaderboard promotions for high limit SNGs, low limit SNGs and all MTTs. Each of these 3 leaderboards has incredibly generous prize pools.
Full Tilt TLB Details | Get Full Tilt Rakeback
img The PokerStars TLB championship is the most coveted title in online poker, if you win this you’re elite and will play for $1K min.
Poker Stars TLB Details | Visit Poker Stars
img If you’ve won the FTP and Stars tournament leaderboards in the past; you’re next goal should be adding Party to your resume.
Party Poker TLB Details | Visit Party Poker
img Ladbrokes Poker runs a weekly, monthly and annual TLB and has by far the best prize pool online – $36K in sponsorship to winner.
Ladbrokes Poker TLB Details | Visit Ladbrokes Poker

Update: A lot more TLBs have been released over the past few months. We plan to update this page soon with the Everest Poker TLB as well as the one offered by Sun Poker. Note: Neither site accepts US players.

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