Earn 100+ % Rakeback as an Online Poker Prop!

Hiring online poker props! No propping experience required.Did you know the average online poker player is paying an extra 2-3 big bets per 100 hands in rake? Imagine how much your income would grow if you could put these extra bets back into your poker account each and every week!

If you play online poker and you’ve never heard of propping, then its about time someone let you in on this industry secret known by most professional players. Sites will actually pay you more than 100% rakeback if you simply do them a few favors.

This page will explain this in great detail and show you how to get started for free.

Poker-Prop.net deals

Poker Prop deal #7: 70% rakeback on this large network that accepts US Prop Players. Includes restricted tournaments fees in prop rakeback.
Poker Prop deal #8: up to 102% poker prop rakeback
Poker Prop deal #9: 110% poker prop rakeback on this Zoom Poker clone site until 9th September 2012.
Poker Prop deal #10: 85% poker prop rakeback on this new poker network
Poker Prop deal #11: 80% poker prop rakeback on this new poker site. Includes Multi Table Tournaments + most Sit and Go Tournaments
Poker Prop deal #12: up to 105% poker prop rakeback on this new poker network that accepts US Prop Players.

Prop deal #5: is for a Mahjong network and NOT poker. Offers up to 135% prop rakeback.

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Everything You Need to Know About Online Propping!

What is a Proposition Player?

A Proposition player (Often called Prop, Poker Prop, or Prop Player) is a player paid by the house to start new games and to keep existing games going. Props play with their own money and keep all winnings and likewise are responsible for any losses. The pay from the house/employer comes weekly and pay is generally calculated at 100%+ rakeback or on a per hand rate.

Why do sites use Poker Props?

Imagine this:

You’re searching online for poker bonuses and come across an ad for 100% signs up bonus (clearing at 7 hands per bonus dollar) at a new online poker room. You decide to take the site up on their generous offer, but after downloading the software you discover all the tables at your preferred stake are empty. Suppose you come back time and time again and rarely ever find a game at your preferred stake.

How long after clearing the bonus are you going to wait before cashing out your entire balance?

I’m sure you catch my drift: This is why sites use props; they want to make sure a good game selection is always available for their clients.

Do all sites use Poker Props?

75% of new poker rooms use props in order to get their sites started. Some of the larger sites continue to use props but most large sites suspend their prop program once their website has reached a steady mass of player traffic.

How much can I make propping?

Playing heads up and three handed the rates you can make will be much higher. Also some props are comfortable playing 4-7 tables at a time which of course will yield a much higher hourly rate. (At some sites props are required to play 2 tables at a time, but most do not have a minimal table requirement).

Which sites are you hiring props for?

Our clients prefer we do not disclose this information to the general public. We have a simple application process and you will have all details before making the final decision.

How do I get started?

Use our Prop Player Application

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