Scott Seiver wins 2008 WSOP Event 21

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Scott Seiver wins WSOP braceletScott Seiver won his first career WSOP bracelet last night taking down 2008 WSOP Event #21 – $5,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em. He had already come close twice this series having finished 13th in event #3 and 22nd in Event #8 before getting the job done in this event. Seiver is a well know internet player who has $275K in tournament winnings at PokerStars as Gunning4you and $140K in tournament winnings at Full Tilt Poker as Mastrblastr, but is best known for his success at ultra high stakes cash games.

Seiver came into last nights final table with a massive chip lead and never relinquished it, going wire-to-wire for the victory. Here were the chip counts when the night started:

Scott Seiver: 2,512,000
Rajesh Vohra: 1,040,000
Jacobo Fernandez: 848,000
Dave Seidman: 653,500
Adam Geyer: 645,000
Ben Sprengers: 441,000
Chuck Sklar: 439,000
Scott Freeman: 423,000
Anders Henriksson: 311,000

Cards were in the air by 2:35PM, a bit late of a start, and in just two hands the final table suffered its first casualty. This hand saw Freeman raise to 41K with Ad Kd, Seiver re-raise to 120K with pocket queens; Freeman pushed all in and Seiver called and the race was on. The flop was interesting as it came 7d 8s 6d giving Freeman the nut flush draw with two overcards, but it was not meant to be as the turn and river brought 5c 7c and Freeman was to the rail in 9th place collecting $69,714.

After 8 hands had been dealt Seiver had won five of them, and this was a clear indication of how the night would play out. With Seiver having such a massive chip stack the other players were content to more up in prize money, hoping to later find themselves in a poison to compete.

The first player in a position to compete would be Dave Seidman. On final table hand #24 Seiver raise to 40K and Dave Seidman called, the flop came 4s 9h 8h and Seidman checked raised to 320K after Seiver had bet 80,000. Seiver responded with an all in and Seidman called. Seiver shocked pocket kings and Seidman showed JT for an open ended straight draw. The turn changed nothing when it fell 4h but the river came 7d giving Seidman the double up to 1.35 million chips.

Dave Seidman would pick up more chips on final table hand #26 when his pocket aces eliminated Adam Geyer who held pocket nines. Geyer received $94,481 for his 8th place finish. A couple hands latter the following hand occurred:

Anders Henriksson raised to 60K, Ben Sprengers and Chuck Sklar called and the flop came Ks 8h 9d. Sklar bet 135K, after delaying Henriksson moved all in, and Sprengers instantly went all in himself. Sklar took some time and eventually folded

The hands:

Henriksson: 9c 9h for a set
Sprengers: Ad Ah for an overpair.

The turn was 10c, and in a sick and cruel twist of fate the river was an Ace! sending Anders Henriksson to the rail in 7th place worth $120,249.

Six handed play lasted over two hours and finally ended on final table hand #69 when Chuck Sklar raised to 80K from middle position, Scott Seiver called from the BB and both players checked a flop of Jc 8d 5s. When the turn came 2d Seiver lead for 130K, Sklar moved all in and Seiver insta-called with pocket Aces. Sklar turned up Ad Kd and was drawing slim to a flush. The turn came Qs and Chuck Skllar was eliminated in sixth place receiving $154,600.

It would take more than an hour before the next elimination occurred. On final table hand #87, Dave Seidman raised to 100K, Rajesh Vohra tanked for a bit then moved all in, Seidman called show Kd 10c and Vohra showed pocket fours. The flop came K 5 Q giving Seidman the lead and after a the turn and river of 7d 9s Vohra was eliminated in 5th place receive $195,906.

It would take all the way till final table hand #120 before we’d get down to three handed play. On this hand Fernandez raised to 100K, Scott Seiver moved all in, and Fernandez insta-called with pocket kings as Seiver turned over A8. An ace would fall on the flop and Fernandez caught no additional help sending him to the rail in fourth place to collect $238,781 prize money.

About and hour later on final table hand #139 Ben Sprengers opened a pot for 100K, Dave Seidman called and the flop came Th 8h Js. Seidman check raised to 450K after Sprengers had bet 100K and he later responded with an all in. When the cards where turned up Seidman showed 7h 6h for a flush draw and Sprengers showed pocket queens for an overpair. The turn was Kd, changing nothing, but the river came Kh giving Seidman the winning flush that sent Ben Sprengers out in 3rd place worth $292,034.

The heads up battle between Scott Seiver and Dave Seidman was a fierce one. Even though it lasted only 75 minutes it managed to go on for forty hands and many of the pots where well contested with raises and three bets often occurring. On the final hand Seiver limed, Seidman raised to 200K,. Seiver called, and the flop came 9s 7h Js. Seidman checked, Seiver bet 380K, Seidman raised to 980K, Seiver moved all in and Seidman called. Seiver tabled Ks 9c for second pair and Seidman turned over Ad 7d for bottom pair. The turn came 5h and the river 3h and Seidman was out as the runner up collecting $482,372. Scott Seiver pulled off the wire-to-wire victory earning his first WSOP bracelet and the $755,891 top place prize money.

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