Prop Bet: Huck Seed to Run 4:39 Mile at 33:1

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Prop Bet: Huck Seed to Run 4:39 Mile at 33:1Username Ted_Thompson made a post on the Two Plus Two NVG section about the prop bet on 40 year old Huck Seed to run a mile in 4 minutes and 39 seconds on the Gary Wise show. There wasn’t a lot of information provided besides that he would be getting 33 to 1 and has nine months to train for the bet.

Rumored conditions of the bet:

Huck has until January 15th to complete the bet, which is his birthday.

The run will be ran on an even track. There is no angle of running on an uphill or downhill track.

ZeeJustin posted that Huck has never run a mile that would win the bet in his life.

It’s said that Huck only has $2,000 risked on the bet so far, which means motivation could be a huge issue for Huck.

Possible angles for Huck to use:

A pace runner – a person running beside Huck to help him know what kind of speed he needs to be running at.

Drugs – there is definitely performance enhancing drugs that Huck can take that will most certainly provide him with an added edge. Will drug testing be used is a major question, but at this time with only having $2,000 on the line I have to believe it won’t be an issue.

At this point there is no more information to provide about the bet and Full Tilt Poker Pro Huck Seed’s running ability. Although, he has always been quite athletic and in 1987 he made the All-State basketball team of Montana.

The athleticism genes also run in the family and according to google search results Huck’s brother (Leif Seed) has run the mile in 4:13, and we don’t even know if those are his best results. What we also know is that Huck is in decent shape and has a runners body; long legs and very slim at 6’7” (2.01 meters).

Huck has been known to make some crazy bets including the time he lost $50,000 to Phil Hellmuth saying that he could stand in the ocean shore with water up to his shoulders for an entire period of 18 hours. He ended up quitting after 3 hours because of the cold water temperature. Another interesting bet that Huck made was when Howard Lederer told him he couldn’t perform a back flip within a year for $10,000. Huck easily won this bet after training himself to make the flip from a stand still.

The most ridiculous prop bets that Huck Seed has been involved with is where he made a bet saying he wouldn’t shave for an entire year. When it was nine months into the bet a very close person to Huck passed away, and he was forced to shave for the funeral.

Many people claiming to be expert runners are saying that this bet will be next to impossible for Huck at the age of 40 and the more accurate odds would be 100-1. Good luck Huck I definitely hope you can pull it off, and even if you don’t the exercise and shape you will be in will certainly be worth the amount of money you risked.

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  • themsofast
    July 15, 2009 at 6:19 pm |

    GL to him.

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