Prop Bet: Phil Ivey Betting $1 Million on the Superbowl

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Prop Bet: Phil Ivey Betting $1 Million on the SuperbowlDuring a conversation between Barry Greenstien and Phil Ivey on PokerRoad Radio, Ivey is telling Barry that he is at the Bellagio trying to book a $1 million bet on the Superbowl. He did not reveal which side he wants to bet, but as it stands right now he is looking for someone to book the bet.

It is unclear if the Bellagio casino will take this action without any kind of major publicity, although they will most likely be charging ten cents of juice on the dollar, which would come to $100,000 of juice on a $1 million bet. With any type of juice, it makes nearly all bets +ev for the bookie side, although knowing Ivey and the way he likes to gamble and find an edge, we bet he is seeking some kind of discount on the juice.

If you’re wondering how Phil Ivey has gotten so rich that he can casually lay a million dollars on a game, look no further than Full Tilt Poker. Not only does he crush high limit games on Full Tilt he is also a part owner of the cash cow poker website. He has also made a fortune in poker as his life time career live tournament winnings is nearly $10 million. In 2008, he exceeded over $7 million in online poker winnings on Full Tilt.

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