Prop Bet: Boxing Match – Gus Hansen vs Theo Joergensen

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Prop Bet: Boxing Match - Gus Hansen vs Theo JoergensenToday on Full Tilt Poker on the Ivey Mix table Full Tilt Poker professional Gus Hansen was having a conversation with Ziigmund on the player chat. Ziigmund’s real name is Illari Sahamies from Finland, who is one of the worlds best and known for his reckless play and hilarious chat antics.

Hansen asked Ziigmund if he would be up for a boxing match in Copenhagen against Lars Luzak. Lars Luzak is another extremely successful high stakes online poker player. Ziigmund did not seem interested in a boxing match and Hansen went on to tell him that he has a match against Theo Joergensen on February 21st in Denmark.

Theo Joergensen is also a high stakes professional poker player that lives in Copenhagen. He has many major tournament cashes and is mostly known in the European poker circuits, as well for his online poker play.

The two players have decided to have a boxing match after Theo thought Gus looked spastic, while he boxed after winning a Squash game several months ago. The two of them have decided to also put a prop bet on the fight and there are even sportsbooks that are offering lines. Theo is laying $25,000 that he will win to Hansen’s $35,000.

Here are the official odds:

Which boxer will win?

Theo on point 1.55 to 1
Gus on point 3.75 to 1
Theo on knockout 8.5 to 1
Draw 15 to 1
Gus on knockout 23 to 1

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