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Bellagio Bathroom Prop BetFor the next 30 days a professional live poker player will be spending his time living in a Bellagio Hotel bathroom. Jay Kwik is the man that will be very lonely while living in a bathroom. Jay is known as “Bellagio Jay or 20k Jay”, he is regarded as being a great poker player and a player who plays a lot of hours at the Bellagio.

The prop bet started when Andrew “good2cu” Robl and Alec “traheho” Trelli were talking to Jay during a poker game at the Bellagio. They ended up discussing a prop bet that involved living in a tight space. Jay ended up claiming that he would have no problem living in a Bellagio hotel room for 30 days. Obviously, Jay is not allowed to leave the bathroom and there are other rules which are posted below. After Jay stated that he would do it, Andrew gave him 2-1 odds on the bet and it was settled.

Here are the rules of the bet:

1. No computer
2. 400 minutes of cell phone usage for the 30 days
3. Jay will have access to a small DVD player in the bathroom.
4. Room Service and friends of Jays can drop off food and supplies but cannot talk to Jay. Noone is allowed to enter the bathroom as well.
5. Hotel Room Service can only deliver food up to 4 times during a 24 hour period.

To make sure the loser of the bet will pay up. Both Jay and Andrew decided that they would put the money in Jays security box and Andrew would hold the key. The two of them prepped the bathroom together and apparently, Jay kept singing the lyrics of “easy money”. Although, after seeing how little room was left after inflating the air mattress his demeanor slightly changed and he knew it would be a lot harder then he had originally thought.

Its no doubt that the bet will not be easily won for Jay. He will experience a high level of solitude for the next 30 days. The bet started on January 12th at 4:00am Las Vegas time. Over the 4 days, Jay has transformed his bath tub into his kitchen and has been keeping his new home very clean.

There is no word on exactly how much Jay and Andrew have bet. But we do know that Jay is getting 2-1. Which means, if he wins, he will double his investment. There is many rumors that the bet amount is in the six figures. One would have to think, that the only way to make the bet worth it for Jay, would need to be a significant amount of money. Also, the loser will have to cover all the expenses. And knowing how high class the Bellagio hotel truly is, one can assume the expenses will be absurd.

Its quite certain that there could be a lot of cheating on Jays part. Especially because Andrew will be joining up with the World Poker Tour events. But this didn’t stop Andrew from setting up a 24/7 streaming web cam in front of the bathroom door. Also, Andrew is putting up $500 if anyone sees any rule infractions.

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