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Poker props are players who are basically paid by online poker rooms to provide action at their tables. While some of the poker props have been successful players without enjoying the benefits of propping, the majority of them seem to be players who used to be marginal losers before discovering propping and the giant edge provided by it. Poker props are paid through rakeback, which means that they are offered incredible rake rebate deals in exchange for their services. There isn’t a single online poker prop out there who does not understand that being a breakeven player will never suffice at the green felt. Breakeven players or those who are able to eke out marginal profits, will fall victim to the poker rake to the last man. It’s simple mathematics but it is just as cruel as it is straightforward. Signing up for a poker prop deal on the other hand will completely do away with the disadvantages of the poker rake, allowing the above said marginally successful players to thrive.

With all the above in mind, it is safe to say that there isn’t a single poker prop out there who does not understand how a seemingly adverse proposition can be completely turned around on a technicality. Poker players in general do in fact understand that they are faced with adverse odds when they hit the green felt and that they are supposed to alter those odds radically through poker strategy and through sheer skill. Those who are successful have all the skills in place to make money not only at the online poker tables but also at the various binary options trading brokers out there – although they may not yet know it.


The time comes in a successful poker player’s career when he or she will have to consider reinvesting the money generated at the green felt through a different sort of investment/activity. It is called diversifying one’s portfolio, or simply not keeping all of one’s eggs in the same basket. This is where otherwise sound and considerate poker players often go haywire. Having been already exposed to the atmosphere of the casino and of the various gambling opportunities, many such players get caught up in the wile web of problem gambling. They take up casino gambling or sports betting, thinking that they’ll be able to manufacture the same sort of edge they were able to secure the poker tables, and while some do indeed get it right, most of them fail miserably because being successful at sports betting requires a different set of skills than success at the green felt. TJ Cloutier and Brad Booth are only two of the most radical examples of this respect. Others, like Phil Ivey, have been known to walk away with major profits from various casinos. Regardless of whether or not you, as a successful poker player, are capable of generating money from sports betting or casino gambling, your winnings are much better reinvested through binary options trading. Now binary options may not deliver the same kick as the one they experience when betting on sports, but the great thing about this form of trading is that it calls upon the same set of skills that good poker players come pre-equipped with: analytical thinking, pattern-tracking and the recognition and exploitation of various behavioral patterns and tendencies. At first glance, binary options trading may not be a truly profitable proposition. Those versed in the science of odds will be able to see from the get go that the odds are indeed piled quite thickly against the layman. While most brokers advertise 70 to 80% profit rates, those are in fact payout rates, which basically means that one is dealing with a 30 to 20% house edge. Even online casinos offer better odds than that, right?

Well, they do if one never makes the slightest effort to devise and apply some sort of strategy to his binary options trading. In that case, one is indeed much better off hitting the online casino tables. Poker players in general and poker props in particular know however that any game that allows them to manufacture an edge is in fact a great proposition for them. One can do nothing about the online casino house edge, but when it comes to binary options trading, there is indeed plenty one can learn in order to significantly distort those unfavorable initial odds.

There are binary options trading portals out there like Intellitraders.com, which are not just looking to recruit new traders, they’re also keen on getting these players hooked and keeping them in the fold for the long run by offering them the tools to become successful from the get-go. Such portals will provide their beginners with experts alerts, allowing them to generate a profit even before they get the hang of basic trading strategies. They then gradually ease them into the flow, providing guidance every step of the way and ever binary option trading.


It is indeed easy for a mathematically sound online poker player to get hooked on binary options. The seemingly simple proposition is in fact infinitely intricate behind the scenes, leaving the player tons of room to maneuver. The bottom line is that by taking advantage of the demo accounts, the strategy guidance and the experts alerts offered by most of the binary options brokers out there, poker players will find it a cinch to turn binary options trading into a lucrative secondary source of revenue, one that will be completely independent from their green felt capers.


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