Phil ‘OMGClayAiken’ Galfond wins 2008 WSOP Event 28

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Phil OMGClayAiken Galfond with WSOP braceletIn what will certainly go down in history as one of the top ten toughest WSOP final tables of all time, accomplished internet poker pro Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond outlasted tournament poker’s all time greatest players and won himself the first WSOP bracelet of his career. This event was 2008 WSOP Event #28 – $5,000 w/ rebuy Pot Limit Omaha, and by greatest players we mean it as the table included eleven time bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth, ten time bracelet winner Johnny Chan, four time bracelet winner Daniel Negreanu and three time bracelet winner John Juanda. It also included top ranked Russian poker pro Kirill Gerasimov and one of poker’s best PL Omaha players David Benyamine.

Final table seats and starting chip counts:

Seat 1: John Juanda 694,000
Seat 2: Phil Hellmuth 119,000
Seat 3: David Benyamine 1,041,000
Seat 4: Kirill Gerasimov 558,000
Seat 5: Phil Galfond 1,393,000
Seat 6: Daniel Negreanu 460,000
Seat 7: Brian Rast 1,176,000
Seat 8: Adam Hourani 300,000
Seat 9: Johnny Chan 624,000

Brian Rast eliminated in 9th place earning $84,863.

Rast’s final hand came after Team PokerStars Daniel Negreanu limped in from the cutoff and Rast raised to 70,000 from the button. Johnny Chan decided to see a flop and Negreanu folded. The flop came Jc-4d-3d and Rast got his remaining 126,000 in chips left in against Chan. The hands were:

Rast: Jd-10d-7c-6c
Chan: Ad-9s-7s-7d

Rast held the best hand on the flop, but was dodging a lot of cards. Chan hit a ace on the river which was enough to eliminate Rast in 9th place.

Phil Hellmuth eliminated in 8th place earning $100,292.

The great Phil Hellmuth was battling a short stack since the final table began, obviously no fault of his own as Hellmuth is going into his 21st consecutive year of 100% mistake free poker next month, and it’s actually quite impressive how he used his PH powers last as long as he did on the final table. However, those powers ran out when a short stacked Hellmuth tossed all his chips in preflop with As-Kc-10c-4c and David Benyamine called with Ah-Ac-Kd-4h. The flop of 8d-6c-2s did not help Hellmuth whatsoever, although he did pick up some outs when the dealer pealed off 10d on the turn. The river was a brick and Hellmuth will have to wait for another WSOP tournament to win his 12th bracelet.

Daniel Negreanu eliminated in 7th place earning $123,437.

Negreanu couldn’t win two events in a row, but came very close in 7th place. His final hand came when he re-raised all in against Phil Galfond’s open raise of 60,000, and Galfond called the all in. The players revealed their hands:

Negreanu: Kh-Kd-Jd-5c
Galfond Ac-Ah-2h-2d

The board ran 9h-7h-5h-Ks-2c. Galfond flopped the nut flush, but the turn gave Negreanu some hope as he hit a set of kings and needed the board to pair on the river. Unfortunately for Negreanu it did not and he was eliminated in 7th place. Negreanu walked home with a $123,437 worth of prize money, although it isn’t as glamorous as it sounds as he was in for $85,000 worth of re-buys and add-ons.

John Juanda eliminated in 6th place earning $154,296.

Juanda checked his option on the big blind after Johnny Chan limped from the small blind and they saw a flop of 9s-8s-2c. Chan came out firing 48,000 and Juanda raised to 196,000 and then ended up calling Chan’s all in. The players showed their hands..

Juanda: Kd-10s-7s-9c
Chan: 10h-9h-8d-2s

Chan was ahead at the time, but Juanda had half the deck to hit with a open-ended flush draw and failed to hit on both the river and the turn. Juanda made his good byes and leaving in 6th place.

Kirill Gerasimov eliminated in 5th place earning $192,870.

Gerasimov ended up moving all in from the small blind and received action from Phil Galfond. The hands were revealed:

Gerasimov: Ah-10d-7c-8s
Galfond: Ac-Jc-8c-5c

The flop board ran Js-9s-6s-6h-6d giving Galfond the best hand and Gerasimov will need to wait for another day to win his first WSOP bracelet, but his night was not without accomplishments as his cash tonight did move him past the $2,000,000 in career winnings milestone.

Johnny Chan eliminated in 4th place earning $246,874.

The final multi-time WSOP bracelet winner remaining in the field was eliminated on a hand that saw Johnny Chan raise to 120,000 and both David Benyamine and Phil Galfond call from the blinds. On a flop of 10d-Jd-10c, Benyamine fired 55,000, Galfond called Chan pushed all in, and both Galfond and Benyamine called and checked down as the turn and river came 8h AhBenyamine turned up Ace 8 for two pair, Johnny Chan showed a lower two pair and Galfond’s hand hit the muck. Chan tying Hellmuth for the record with 11 bracelets will have to wait to perhaps his next final table appearance.

David Benyamine eliminated in 3rd place earning $316,307.

Full Tilt Poker lost their last representative on a hand in which Benyamine opened for 175,000 on the button and Adam Hourani called from the big blind. The flop came Qd-Jc-9c and Benyamine bet all 310K of his remaining; Hourani called.

Benyamine: A-A-10-4
Hourani: A-Q-Q-10

Benyamine was in very tough shape here as he had a king to hit to chop the pot with Hourani or he could hit the one ace left in the deck. He hit neither on the turn and river and went home without a bracelet.

When heads up play started Galfond had a 3-to-2 chip lead. He built this lead during the first hour of play, but eventually doubled Hourani up when he flopped middle pair and a gut-shot to Hourani set. Still with the chip lead Galfond spent another hour wearing his opponent down before the final hand was played. This hand saw Galfond move in on a flop of A-Q-8, and when the cards were turned up Hourani was ahead with A-K-J-10 to Galfond’s A-7-6-5, but a six on the turn gave Galfond two pair and the river was a blank sending Adam Hourani to the rail as the runner up with $493,748.

Phil Galfond received his first WSOP bracelet and the $817,781 top place prize money.

replied with a mix of humility and confidence. “I felt blessed to be here, but I didn’t feel outmatched. I wasn’t afraid. I just wanted to play my best game.”

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