Mike Matusow wins 3rd bracelet on 2008 WSOP Event 18

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Mike Matusow wins third WSOP braceletTeam Full Tilt Poker member Mike Matusow won his third career bracelet less than an hour ago when he took down the 2008 WSOP $5,000 No-Limit 2-7 Draw w/ Rebuys tournament (Event #18). In doing so he survived a field of 85 players comprised mostly of high stakes poker’s most elite players.

When the final table started it was Matusow, Barry Greenstein and Tom Schneider who were each seeking their third career bracelet, while Erick Lindgren and Jeff Lisandro sought out their second. European poker stars TonyG and David Benyamine where the only two final table players who’ve yet to get the WSOP bracelet monkey off their back.

When the final table started these were the seating positions and chip counts.

Seat 1: Jeffrey Lisandro – 461,000
Seat 2: Mike Matusow – 520,000
Seat 3: Tom Schneider – 162,000
Seat 4: Erick Lindgren – 1,104,000
Seat 5: Barry Greenstein – 541,000
Seat 6: Tony ‘G’ Guoga – 394,000
Seat 7: David Benyamine – 410,000

The first person to leave the table in 7th place was David Benyamine who ended up taking home $58,990. His last hand he moved in for 146,000 after Lindgren open raised the hand to 40,000 and Tony G had called. Tony G decided to get out of the way and Lindgren drew one card and Benyamine stood pat.

Lindgren: 8-2-4-5
Benyamine: J-8-7-4-2

Lindgren drew a 7 and sent Benyamine home, or not home but at least off to find the highest cash game is being played or something of that sort, you get the point!

Tony G found a similar fate as Benyamine did, as he too was knocked out by Erick Lindgren. Lindgren open raised to 40,000 and Tony G pushed all in for 141,000 and Lindgren made the call. Each player drew one card and showed their hands:

Lindgren: 9-8-6-4
Tony G: 8-5-3-2

Tony ended up drawing a 2, which was a horrible card and Lindgren drew a 5. Tony leaves the tournament and earned himself $78,075 for his efforts. Erick Lindgren is now sitting at 1.2 million in chips.

The next big hand saw Jeff Lisandro raise to 60K in early position and Mike Matusow call, before Schneider pushed all in for 185,000 from the button. Lisandro called and Matusow called. Both Matusow and Lisandro drew one card and Schneider stood pat. Lisandro didn’t like his 8-5-3-2-8 and mucked his hand. Matusow flipped over 9-5-4-3-2 and Schneider mucked as well. Matusow immediately jumped out of his chair and was fist pumping the air. Schneider left peacefully and collected $104,101.

At this point here is the chip counts were:

Barry Greenstein – 981,000
Erick Lindgren – 961,000
Mike Matusow – 925,000
Jeffrey Lisandro – 725,000

It had taken roughly 3 hours for the field to be narrowed from seven players to four players and it would take exactly two hours and forty-five minutes for us to go from four handed to three handed play. We’ll get to that in a moment but he’s some of the key play from four handed action first.

Matusow started heating up during four handed play. On one of the earlier hands, from the button Lisandro made it 75k to go and Matusow re-raised to 225,000 and ended up taking down the pot. A few hands later Matusow took another pot when Greenstein raised to 70k and Jeff Lisandro just smooth called from the small blind. Matusow had a monster or felt both players were weak and re-raised to 270k and both players folded. Matusow then commented: “I just turned into a Ferrari, boys. Better be careful.”

A big pot between Greenstein and Lindgren took place and left Greenstein with roughly 500,000 in chips. Lindgren raised from the button to 75k and Greenstein re-raised to 275k, and then Lindgren moved all in for 561k. Greenstein was pot committed at this point and made the call. Lindgren stud pat holding 9-7 and Greenstein drew one and failed to catch a winning hand. After this pot Lindgren was over a million in chips.

When round 21 came with 15,000/30,000 blinds with 7,000 ante it was Greenstein’s turn to heat up. Greenstein was first to act and raised to 75k and Mikey called from the small blind. Only Mikey drew and Greenstein decided not to draw. Matusow checked and then called the 100,000 bet from Greenstein. Matusow mucked after seeing 9-5-8-3-2.

Matusow makes a very impressive call when he makes it 90,000 to go and receives a call from Lingren on the button. Matusow stood pat and Lindgren took one card. Mikey checks and Lindgren bets out 140k and Mikey goes into the tank. After a long wait Mikey calls and Lindgren says, “good call.” Mike flipped up jack high and won the pot.

Erick Lindgren was eliminated in 4th place and took home $156,151 after his good buddy Mike Matusow took him out. Lisandro raised from the button to 85k, Matusow called from the small blind and Lindgren moved all in from the big blind. Lisandro folded and Matusow went into the tank and decided to call. Matusow drew two cards and Lindgren drew one.

Lindgren: 7-6-3-2
Matusow: 8-7-4

Matusow drew a 6 and than a 2, and absolute monster for short handed play Lindgren drew a 2 which paired him up and Matusow was doing ninja moves after eliminating Lindgren.

Players went on a 75 minute break and blinds when they returned the blinds would advance to level 22 with 20,000/40,000 with a 10,000 ante. Current stack sizes:

Jeffrey Lisandro – 2,035,000
Barry Greenstein – 1,150,000
Mike Matusow 405,000

After the break Matusow started pushing in nearly every hand until he had a decent sized stack infront of himself. Lisandro and Matusow got into a hand pre-draw hand shortly after all of the crazy aggression from Matusow. Both of them ended up getting all their chips in. Matusow was the short stacked and put in roughly 700,000. Both players drew one card and their hands were:

Lisandro: 3-4-6-8
Matusow: 3-4-6-8

Matusow drew a 7 and Lisandro needed some serious help needing a 5 or a 2. It was neither and Matusow was pumped up screaming and doing ninja moves. Matusow has over 1.4 million in chips.

The remainder of this tournament would be an absolute roller coaster ride for each player. We won’t get into the specifics because of the sheer length would approach boredom, but lets give you an idea of the double ups that were involved.

Barry Greenstein doubled to about 1.5 million through Lisandro
Lisandro won a few big pots off Matusow, and then…
Matusow doubled through Lisandro.. and then a few hands later
Lisandro doubled back up through Matusow
Lisandro had dropped a bunch of chips, but then double upped through Greenstein

Counting a 75 minute break three handed play had lasted an amazing four hours and twenty minutes, and ended on the following hand:

Barry Greenstein moved all in from the small blind for 330K and Jeff Lisandro called. Both players drew one card and then showed:

Greenstein: 9-7-6-2
Lisandro: T-8-5-4

Greenstein turned up a seven for a pair and was n bad shape.
Lisandro quickly rolled over his fifth card, an ace which sent Greenstein to the rail in third place to collect $225,552 for his third place finish.

Lisandro had a considerable lead when heads up play started but on the very first hand of heads up play Matusow pushed all in and Lisandro called. Both players took one card and we then saw:

Matusow: 9-6-5-3
Lisandro: 10-8-5-2

Matusow took a long time to turn over his card pleading with the poker gods he would catch a 2, 4, 7 or 8. When he finally turned over his card it was a ten! Still a great draw as Lisandro now had to make a hand, Matusow said “if I double up here, I guarantee its all over” even though he would still be behind in chips. Lisandro then turned over his card and it was an eight for a pair.

Lisandro and Matusow had been antagonizing one another through out the night, everything from showing bluffs, to calling with pairs and participating in excessive celebrations. With the rivalry involved and the bracelet on the line it would of likely taken a pat eight versus pat seven or better eight for this heads up match not to last a while.

After doubling up early, Matusow would then find himself on a major rush raising many pots and picking them up after betting the draw, before long Matusow had himself the chip lead with:

Mike Matusow – 1,900,000
Jeffrey Lisandro – 1,650,000

A few more hands would pass and Matusow would then pull off a bluff for a big pot as he proudly displayed an Ace after Lisandro had mucked. It was not long before Matusow found himself with a commanding chip lead, as Lisandro had fallen to about 550K chips.

Lisandro would double up to 1.1 million, but then get no further. Once Lisandro doubled up Matusow started playing very cautious unwilling to let him double up again and with Lisandro short stacked he was pretty much in an all in or fold situation. After several passes, Matusow would pick up a couple more pots in the 250K each range and Lisandro would again find himself short stacked.

On the final hand, Matusow moved all in and Lisandro called and drew one. Matusow then went into the think tank trying to decide if he should stay pat or draw. After several minutes he finally said “I’m good”. He then turned over Q-8-7-4-3, and said “It was a tough decision for me,”. Lisandro showed 9-6-5-3 as Matusow looked on anxiously, Lisandro peeled a Q for a Q-9 which was a loser to Mike Matusow’s Q-8 and Lisandro was eliminated in second place receiving $347,004 for his runner up finish.

Looking back at when Mike Matusow had said on the very first hand of heads up play, if I double here I guarantee its over.. Although it would take another 1h 40m of heads up play for it to be over, Matusow sure played the rest of the night expecting to win, and it did not appear there was much Lisandro could do about it.

After his victory, Mike Matusow was clearly over taken by emotion and thanked his fans two times. He also commented “If I continue to play like I played this week, it’s going to be a real good World Series.”

Matusow leaves tonight’s event in possession of his third career World Series of Poker bracelet as well as the $537,862 top place prize money. Congratulations Mikey, you deserved it!

Source Credit: PokerNews Event 18 coverage was used for many of the chip counts referenced in this report.

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