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Max Pescatori WSOP BraceletMax Pescatori captured his second career WSOP bracelet last night outlasting a final table field that included 5 time bracelet winner and fellow Full Tilt Poker teammate Allen Cunningham, tournament veteran Mihn Ly, top UK poker professional John-Paul Kelly, and internet poker star Jonathan “jdepa01fcp” Depa. The event was $2,500 Pot Limit – Hold’em / Omaha event which had an initial 457 entrants and Pescatori’s share of the prize money was $246,471.

Pescatori previous bracelet had come in 2006 when he took down a $2500 buy-in NLHE event. He also has several WSOP circuit and WPT preliminary event victories under his belt as well as a win in the Italian Poker championship. He had been in the mix a few times this series before tonight’s bracelet win, including 2 additional cashes and one finish just off the money where he had a sick bad beat on a three way all in. His nickname is “The Italian Pirate” and he is a Full Tilt Poker sponsored pro.

A quick recap of the final table, starting with the night’s starting chip counts:

Kyle Kloeckner 494,000
Allen Cunningham 484,000
Lennart Holtkamp 253,000
Max Pescatori 212,000
Kyle Hegeman 198,000
Greg Hurst 197,000
Jonathan “HoosierAlum” Depa 185,000
Minh Ly 174,000
John-Paul Kelly 79,000

The first victim of the final table was John Paul Kelly in 9th place earning himself $22,599. His bust out hand happened when Kyle Kloeckner raised to 25,000 from the cutoff and Kelly moved all in for roughly 65,000. Kloeckner made the call and flipped over Ad-10s and Kelly showed Kh-Jh. The flop came an Ace and Kelly failed to catch up on the turn and river. His WSOP Bracelet dream came crashing to an end within minutes of the final table started.

Minh Ly came into the final table with 8th place in chips and went home with 8th place prize money, which was worth $30,482. Ly ended up losing a big hand a few hands ago and was forced to go all in on the blind. Both Hegeman and Cunningham also saw the board and checked it down the entire way.

Ly: K-2
Hegeman: K-Q
Cunningham: K-5

Ly was in a lot of trouble with the only a deuce to hit. Obviously he didn’t hit and Hegeman’s K-Q high was good enough to take down the small pot and eliminated Minh Ly.

The next casualty was Lennart Holtkamp who earned $38,365 for his 7th place finish. During a Omaha round Pescatori limped and saw the flop with the blinds. With a flop of 8d-2s-Ks Holtkamp bet out 21,000 after Hurst checked and Pescatori made the call; Hurst folded. The turn brought a Ace of clubs and Holtkamp checked raised and Holtkamp got all his chips into the pot against Pescatori.

Holtkamp: As-Js-5s-6h
Pescatori: Kc-Kh-9s-9c

The river was a total brick with a deuce of hearts and it was the end of the line for Holtkamp.

Jonathan Depa was very short on chips and when he posted his small blind half of his stack was already committed and he put the rest of it to complete the bet. Pescatori played with him with K-J and Depa held 6-3, the board went in the favour of Pescatori when he hit a Jack on the flop. Depa earned $48,876 for his excellent performance.

Fifth place went to Kyle Hegeman who earned $62,015 after he was knocked out by Kloechner. Hegeman raised to 80,000 from the small blind after Pescatori limped in. Kloeckner from the big blind calls and Pescatori calls as well. The flop came 4d-5c-Jh and Hegeman put the rest of his stack in which was over 120,000 and Kloechkner calls and Pescatori mucks.

Kloechner: 3c-6c-9d-8d
Hegeman: Ad-Jd-Ks-9c

The turn hits a 7 of spades and gives Kloeckner a straight and Hegeman was drawing dead at that point. He still had a impressive outing earning himself close to $2,000 an hour for his time.

Allen Cunningham 6th bracelet has to wait a bit longer as he came up short and was eliminated in 4th place earning himself $76,205. On a board of Ad-6h-7s-3s-5s Cunningham put all his chips in against Kloechner.

Cunningham: Jx-9x-7x-2x
Kloechner: Ac-As-10c-3c

Kloechner top set of Aces was more than enough to eliminate one of the best poker players in the world.

It didn’t take long after the dinner break for Greg Hurst to be eliminated in 3rd place. From the small blind Kloeckner raised it to 80,000 and Hurst’s re-raises it making it to 175,000 and Kloeckner just calls. The flop came 9s-Qd-Js and both players put all there chips in with Kloeckner having Hurst covered. Hurst held Ks-7d and Kloeckner held Ad-7s the board runs dry for Hurst and he was knocked out and walked out of the door with $94,599.

It was now heads up time between Max Pescatori and Kyle Kloeckner. After a big pot heads up Pescatori had 1,500,000 to Kloeckner’s 670,000, but this didn’t stop a great heads up match from taking place. After trading chips and jabs for about an hour it was time for Pescatori to put the final blow to Kloeckner’s stack.

From the button Pescatori raised to 72,000 and Kloeckner called. The flop came Kd-Jd-3h and Kloeckner checked/called Pescatori’s flop bet of 110,000. The turn was a 2 of hearts and Pescatori bets the pot of 364,000 and Kloeckner hits the tank and after a ton of deliberation makes the call.

Kloeckner: Jx-10x-10x-3x
Pescatori: Kx-Jx-7x-8x

The river was a 2 of diamonds and Pescatori started his celebration, which included running over and jumping into his buddies that sweated him during the entire final table. Kloeckner still had a great performance and ended up with $152,410 for his second place finish.

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