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June 8th marked the tenth day of 2008 WSOP action at the Rio. This report will cover most of that day’s action with the exception being the Event 11 final table as it’s been covered elsewhere on our site (link). Let’s start the report with Event #12 day three.

Event #12 $1,500 Limit Hold’em Day 3
After playing late into the night on the 7th they were only able to get down to the final 18 players, which is where we pick up the action.

In the final 18 there were a couple notables and a lot of the attention was around Erick Lindgren looking to pick up his second bracelet early in the 39th WSOP. It has been well talked about that Erick has always come up short at the big dance that is the WSOP and with the monkey off his back it seems he’s poised to go for number 2. Other notables are Markus Golser and Vinny Vinh who is the chip leader at the start of the day. Today they will play till one person walks away with the Gold!

It only took one hand to get the field down to 17 when Arash Beral went all in with Ah6h and got two callers but lost to Qs Qd from Golser when an Ace failed to hit. It took 45 minutes for Vinny Vinh to show up but show up, but he did, and by the end of the first level of the day (18) we were already down to 16 players and heading ever closer to the final table.

Markus Golser got into a big pot when his raise was 3 bet by John O’Brien, the flop came out 3h 8d Jh Golser check called 8,000 the turn brought 7s and Golser check called 16k and after a 10s on the river Golser again check called 16k, O’Brien tapped the table and congratulated Golser on a great call Golser tabled Ax 8x to win the pot over O’Brien’s Kx Qx. Then in the hand before the break Golser flopped set over set on O’Brien 9’s vs. 8’s and O’Brien is not sitting in great shape. With 2 Levels down we are down to 13 players. Vinh is now short stacked after tangling with Jimmy Schultz for the 2nd time on the day in the later of the two Vinh triple barreled a pot after 3 betting preflop and was called all the way by Schultz’s As 4h on a 5d Qd 4d 8s Qc board. Vinh is at 45k and Schultz is the chip leader with nearly half a million. The final table bubble boy would be Erick Lindgren after he’d find himself running into K’s and he’ll need to wait another day for a chance at his second bracelet. For the rest of the day’s action see our Event 12 final table report.

Event #13 $2,500 No-Limit Hold’em Day 2
Play resumes today with 137 players all looking to be part of the elusive and exclusive final table of this the 39th WSOP. At the start of the day the top 10 in chips are:

Eli Elezra 147,500
Theo Tran 134,900
Greg Sellgren 130,000
Dean Bui 127,600
Napoleon Ta 127,200
Asger Boye 119,000
Marty Wong 113,700
Pedro ‘Pete’ Rios 113,500
Mathias Kuerschner 107,400
Jake Solis 106,800

The first order of business on the day will be to get down to 99 and burst the bubble, the 99th place finisher will find him or herself walking away with $5,783 USD and the 10th place finisher the one that will signal the end of play will leave with $38,325.

The day starts with Level 10 and 300/600 blinds with a 100 ante. Within 10 minutes the field saw itself shrink by 7 players and is getting nearer to hand for hand play. Within a few hands of each other both Pedro Rios and Eli Elezra found them selves losing with A’s the later found himself on the rail and in less then an hour Elezra has gone from first to out! Chris “Jesus” Ferguson is the first big name player to be busted as he shoved in with 8’s and found himself up against J’s and was unable to improve. The bubble burst when Jacques Zaicik moved all-in with Ax Qx and was called by Robert Fox who tabled K’s and felt good until the flop hit Qd 6h Qs and with no King on the turn or River Fox was out and bubble was bust, there in the money!

You know I always wondered how players manage to play two WSOP events at the same time, in the particular instance I witnessed yesterday I did not need to question it. Vanessa Selbst was fortunate enough to be in both the 2,500 NLH and the 1,000 NLH ladies event but even more fortunate was that her tables were side by side and her seat’s back to back!

In a interesting situation a field reporter stopped by Theo Tran’s table and Theo took him aside and pointed to a player across the table and stated that he would get all the guy’s chips, at the time the player in question Mike Collins had just shy 100k and a few hands later the two found themselves in a big pot. Theo raised preflop to 5,500 and Collins bumped him to 15k from the BB, Theo called and the flop came Qd 7c 3d Collins made it 14k Theo called. The Turn brought the 3c Collins made it 20k Theo called and with the 7s on the River Collins pushed in his last 42,600 and Theo insta called and Collins showed Ac10c and Theo turned over A-3 for 3’s full and took all of Collins Chips as previously stated.

Lee Watkinson was the next noteworthy player out when he shoved for 14k with pocket 2’s to be called by KJ, Lee flopped a set on a 10h 3h 2d board but the board ran Ad Qc to give Shawn Buchanan broadway and Lee a trip to the rail. After 5 hours of play we find ourselves down to 54 players and only 43 left to go for the end of the day here is the payouts so far:

54 Tom Lee $9,960
55 Jonathan McGowan $8,996
56 Jeffrey Wan $8,996
57 Joseph Simmons $8,996
58 Rodney Pennington $8,996
59 Matthew Brown $8,996
61 Loren Klein $8,996
62 Paul Kobel $8,996
63 David Gent $8,996
64 Nghia Le $8,032
66 Jeffrey Tomlinson $8,032
67 Justin Phillips $8,032
68 Peter Moore $8,032
69 Nick Gibson $8,032
70 Chris Bell $8,032
71 Mark Gengaro $8,032
72 Binh Ly $8,032
73 Jean-Cloude Mousse $7,068
74 Vladimir Poleshchuk $7,068
75 Chad Cunningham $7,068
76 Michel Dumas $7,068
77 Roland Isra $7,068
78 Nils Bardsley $7,068
79 David Zeitlan $7,068
80 Michael Martin $7,068
81 Anthony Young $7,068
82 David Woo $6,426
83 Jamel Maistriaux $6,426
84 Brian Cospolich $6,426
85 David Cai $6,426
86 Tristan Wade $6,426
87 Denny Lee $6,426
88 Steven Goldberg $6,426
89 Gary Varner $6,426
90 Jarod Drennan $6,426
91 Lee Watkinson $5,783
92 Dustin Woolf $5,783
93 Mike Collins $5,783
94 David Steicke $5,783
95 David Redlin $5,783
96 Kenna James $5,783
97 Joe David $5,783
98 Gregory Sellgren $5,783
99 Matt Sterling $5,783

Chau Giang was the next well known player to find himself on the rail when he got all-in with J’s but his opponent Baumgartner held 6’s and spiked a 6 on the flop with no J on the turn or river Chau found himself headed to Bobby’s room I’m sure.

Within one hour we went from 54 to 34 as the eliminations kept coming fast and furious. Liz Lieu found herself on the rail after her 7’s lost to QJ on a KKQ board leaving her with a 28th place finish and $14,137 on the bubble of the next pay level of $17,350. Theo Tran found the door after his A9 lost to A8 with and 8 on the flop and Theo’s quest for his 3rd final table in only 13 events has come to end with a 25th place finish. By the end of Level 18 we found ourselves down to the final 2 tables and on the last hand of the level we got down to 17 players. At the start of level 20 were down to 14 and closing in on the final 9 but as is customary once you get nearer that final table play slows down and that’s exactly what where seeing. And with Level 20 nearing an end Adam Katz raised on the button to 62k and was called by Duncan Bell from the BB, with a flop of Ad 3s Qc bell bet 110k out of position and found a call from Katz. With a Kc on the turn Bell fired 375k again just under pot size bet, and with a little bit of deliberation Katz declared All-in and Bell announced call! Bell showed Ah 3c for a flopped Aces’ up and Katz showed KQ for a turned two pair and with the Js on the river the final table was set. At 2pm on June 9, 2008 the following nine players will return with the following chip counts looking to win a bracelet and $666,777 in cash.

Duncan Bell 1,966,000
Shawn Buchanan 1,133,000
Steve Merrifield 1,109,000
Jason Sanders 1,099,000
Brent Hanks 755,000
Brent Ditzik 384,000
Nicolas Levi 233,000
Ariel Soffer 191,000
Nathan Doudney 113,000

Event #14 Seven Card Stud World Championship $10,000 Day 2
Day 2 began today with 80 players still fighting it out for the 2nd world Championship of this the 39th WSOP, among those still in are Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson (short stacked), Daniel Negreanu, Erik Seidel, Chad Brown, Cindy Viollette and Robert Mizrachi just to name a few. When the day started 2008 Aussie Millions champion Alexander Kostritsyn had the chip lead with Team PokerStars members Daniel Negreanu and Chad brown not to far behind.

Chip leader’s chips counts at start of day 2:

Alexander Kostritsyn 121,100
Barry Mullinax 103,300
Michael Fiorito 101,900
Chad Brown 89,100
Daniel Negreanu 79,700
Ralph Perry 76,100
Cyndi Violette 70,300
Vassilios Lazarou 69,400
Thomas Weideman 62,100
Eric Brooks 62,100

We start with level 9 and 300 ante low card bring in of 300 a 1200 completion and limits of 1200 and 2400. In a funny little kafuffle it took 45 seconds for players to notice that the wrong level was displayed on the clock but it then took nearly 5 minutes for a floor person to notice the stopped clock as not one player said a word. Just to give you an idea of the competition these players would have to deal with on the way to winning here is a brief sample of some of the table draws:
Table 1: Minh Ly, Hoyt Corkins, Chris Reslock, Chad Brown, Daniel Negreanu

Table 3: Doyle Brunson, Robert Mizrachi, Greg Raymer, Erik Seidel

Table 8: Scott Fischman, Scotty Nguyen, David Oppenheim, Tony G, Steve Zolotow

Table 9: Men Nguyen, Katja Thater, David Levi, Dario Minieri, Phil Ivey

Talk about intense, the short stack left after day 1 was Raymond Lamoreaux had only 700 chips to start the day and was believed to not even have showed up and was blinded off. With in a short while it was made official that there would be a new champion this year as Chris Reslock who was among the short stacks lost with his pair of K’s called a bet on the river against trip 6’s from Eric Buchanan. After Doyle ran into trip K’s from Jacobo Fernandez he found himself down to 9k and again amongst the short stacks. Hoyt Corkins was the next of the big names to be eliminated when his 2 pair ran into trip 7’s from Robert Mizrachi, followed shortly to the rail by Doyle who couldn’t make another come back. Negreanu eliminated Shawn Sheikhan after he completed and was then raised by Sheeky, Daniel was showing the Ad and Shawn was showing the 6s, which got a call from Daniel. The 4s came off for Daniel on 4th street along with the 2d for Shawn who called a bet from Daniel, this action was repeated by both players on 5th street when Danny got the 9c and Shawn was dealt the 7s both players checked 6th street after Shawn caught 3s and Daniel caught an unknown card. Daniel bet 7th street which was enough to put Shawn all-in who called and showed Ah 9d 6d for a pair of 6’s which were bested by Daniel’s Ks Qs Qd for a pair of Q’s and spelled the elimination of Shawn who was followed by Bill Chen at the hands of David Benyamine and Carlos Mortensen at the hands of an unknown player. Greg “Fossil Man” Raymer was the next out the door after being eliminated by an unknown player as well.

Just prior to the break David Williams found his way to the rail care of Alex Kravchenko after Williams started with 4 to the wheel but couldn’t improve was bested by the Straight K of Alex. Scott Fischman, Cindy Violette, and Shannon Elizabeth all saw there days come to an end early on day 2 as well, while Italian Dario Minieri found himself chipping up quite nicely. Tony G found himself left on life support after losing a 4 way pot and was eliminated shortly after when his 5’s couldn’t catch up to Q’s from Lazarou. It must be nice to be among the world’s elite, Phil Ivey asked for a monitor to show the Lakers vs. Celtics game 2 and since the techs couldn’t make it happen they just brought over a separate TV for him to watch the game. Next both Andy Bloch and Kathja Thater found themselves on the rail watching, and didn’t go out quietly as she was overheard cursing in German on her way out the Poker Stars pro will have to wait for another day to collect her next bracelet. and Scottie Nguyen was one of the next to find the door along with Dario Minieri whilst Annie Duke found her self chipping up nicely and Daniel Negreanu found himself in and out of the crowd of rail birds having fun, taking pictures, signing autographs and practicing his golf swing with just the handle of a club.

In a couple of rarities Phil Ivey found himself chopping a pot with Broadway and Annie Duke found herself rail bound after her Ace high flush (10, 9, 4, 2 of hearts) was bested by David Oppenheim’s Ace high flush (K, 10, 9, 3 of diamonds) that marked the end of yet another level (14) and with that it’s break time and color up time upon the players return they will redraw seats to make the final 3 tables. Shortly after the redraw David Benyamine found himself out of the event as during the redraw he only had 3 big bets left. Both Chad brown and Erik Seidel found themselves short stacks but were able to keep fighting off the rail, and watch the bubble burst assuring them both some money. Matt Hawrilenko found himself the bubble boy when he tangled with fellow short stack Erik Seidel who made Q’s and 8’s and has come back from the dead to cash while Matt and his 9’s were shown the door. With the final two tables assembled and the bubble busted here’s how we shape up as we head for the final 8 players (in stud there can only be 8 per table).

Table 5

Seat 1: Minh Ly
Seat 2: Vassilios Lazarou
Seat 3: Jim Paluszek
Seat 4: David Levi
Seat 5: David Oppenheim
Seat 6: Daniel Negreanu
Seat 7: Alex Kravchenko
Seat 8: Phil Ivey

Table 10

Seat 1: Alexander Kostritsyn
Seat 2: Thomas Weideman
Seat 3: Erik Seidel
Seat 4: Michael Fiorito
Seat 5: Fu Wong
Seat 6: Jacobo Fernandez
Seat 7: Eric Brooks
Seat 8: Robert Mizrachi

Let’s not forget as we get nearer the final table about Ivey and Negreanu’s Bracelet bet I’m sure that’s got to be on Negreanu’s mind. Eric Brooks was the next to make noise as he was given an 8 hand penalty for exposing his hole cards with action pending. Probably not the best stage of the game to pick up a penalty, also another story making some noise is that Vassilios Lazarou has been coughing considerably for the last little while and has even been seen coughing up blood. Unfortunately for him Vinny Vihn was no where in sight to slip him some sort of antidote, and he vehemently refused help from anyone including paramedics as offered by tournament staff he wants to stay at the table till it’s done or he’s done Seidel finds himself up to 226k not long after being on the verge of the felt at the bubble. Ivey has been fighting off the rail and has found himself now down to just 15k in chips after losing a big pot to Negreanu and is looking to replicate Seidel. Speaking of Seidel like comeback Ivey found himself down to just 8k not even enough to call the completion which is 10k when he tripled up against Vassilios and Daniel then double up against Jim Paluszek in both hands Ivey managed a Full-house and now has 95k, Ivey followed these two hands by doubling up Minh Ly leaving Phil with 75k then got into a monster with Daniel where he hit yet another Full-house and finds himself in the neighborhood of 200k amongst the leaders, then to keep the run alive Ivey got into a hand with David Oppenheim where he turned over 10s Qs Ks to match up with his As and Js for a royal flush and now sits at 320k all the while Daniel if fighting for his tournament life. Daniel couldn’t make a comeback and found himself out in 11th worth $33,417 to be followed by Thomas Weideman in 10th for $37,130. Phil Ivey was not able to turn that amazing run into a final table as he added Minh Ly in his amazing comeback when he doubled Minh up and found himself with only 50k left and would be the final table bubble boy finishing in 9th.

The following players will form the Final 8 to play for the bracelet tomorrow when they return at 2pm local to play.

David Oppenheim 508,000
Alexander Kostritsyn 495,000
Fu Wong 429,000
Minh Ly 424,000
Jim Paluszek 413,000
Eric Brooks 359,000
Erik Seidel 273,000
Vassilios Lazarou 259,000

Event #15 $1,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Day 1
Today marked the start of Ladies only event at the WSOP this event has seen huge increases in field size over the last few years and this year they expect to see a new record number for attendees which has been the trend in most events so far this year.

The first major causality of the event is Kathja Thater who is not too worried as she is still alive in Event #14 which will resume play at 3pm. Former champion Jennifer Tilly was eliminated early as well as she flopped a str8 draw and flush draw against the nut straight. Another notable to get a one way trip to the rail was Erica Schoenberg who is the girl friend of David Benyamine. Next on the list was Shirley Williams (mother of David Williams) who ran AK into A’s and was on the rail early. In a bit of a surprise the final numbers for the event are in and the field is down by 46 players from last year with 1,190 entering leaving first with $244,702 and 99 places paid, after just 3.5 hours were already down to 550 less then half the field. Poker Stars has suffered another hit as Vanessa Rousso is shown the rail when her Ah 9h giving her middle pair on a Qx 9x 5x board ran into Pam Shoemaker’s Kings. Queen of Hearts player (society of ladies playing for the Nevada heart institute) and Full Tilt Pro Clonie Gowen when her 2 pair lost to a one card straight. With 6 hours of play in the books 80% of the field is already gone and we should see the bubble burst with in the next 2 hours. With 9 hours of play in the books the bubble has bust on this event and the guaranteed pay out is $1,949 with the following ladies receiving just that

91. Shannon Romero
92. Deborah Hickok
93. Heather Escuin
94. April Matthews
95. Cynthia Patterson
96. Clio Soleil
97. Mo Han
98. Iranys Rodriguez
99. Annie Lepage

With day 1 in the books there are still some notables in the field including Kathy Liebert, Evelyn Ng, Van Nguyen, Olga Varkonyi and Linda Johnson. The chip leaders are

Shavonne Mitchell 94,000
Alice Talbot 92,700
Roslyn Quarto 86,100
Olga Varkonyi 83,800
Christine Priday 82,900
Lisa Ahumada 74,100
Hoa Nguyen 71,800
Nancy Ricks 68,700
Tina Dubowy 67,900
Sue Porter 66,200

All these ladies will return tomorrow at 3pm on there way to the final 9.

Event #16 $2,000 Omaha Hi/Lo Day 1
Today brought with it another no hold’em event and the 2nd Hi/lo event of the WSOP Event #6 had a record field of 830 for a live Hi/Lo tournament. This event drew out some serious heavy weights the likes of which included Ted Forrest, Kristy Gazes, Perry Friedman, Barry Greenstein, Marcel Luske, Barry Johnston, Mike Matusow and David Chiu just to name a few. Just before level 2 expired Greg “Fossil Man” Raymer has found himself the first notable on the rail when Hoyt Corkins caught a heart on the river to make a flush while avoiding a low card Raymer mucked his hand without showing and made comment that Hoyt “sucked out” before exiting the tournament area. There have been late arrivals to the event which continue to strengthen the level of talent in this event including Phil Hellmuth, Josh Arieh, Michael Binger, Victor Ramdin, John Juanda and Max “The Italian Pirate” Pescatori just name a couple. The field has been finalized at 553 players which will leave 54 players leaving the Rio with money in there pockets and the last man standing will receive $226,448 for his or her efforts.

With everyone starting this event with 4k in chips there is quite a lot of play even when the blinds start 25/50 with 50/100 betting rounds. Tom Schneider found himself among the early leaders getting near to 10k in chips but a couple bad hands and he found himself on the rail when his AA28 lost to Larry Brill’s AA47 with some serious betting on a board of 4s 5s Qc 5d 4d leaving Tom with a busted nut low and A’s up for the high which was bested by the trip 4’s of Larry. Chris “Jesus” Ferguson was the next big name to be shown the rail when a high card board hit and in a 3 way pot Chris could not improve his hand against both his opponents king high straights. As level 4 comes to a close the leader board gives you an idea of the level of competition with the top 3 being John Juanda 11,400, Michael “the grinder” Mizrachi 10,400 and David Chiu 10,200. Just after returning to the rail Phil Hellmuth’s “special suit” has continued its unlucky ways for him as he was eliminated from this event after flopping top and bottom pair against top 2, this is the 4th time he has worn that ridiculous outfit. The first being when he crashed the race car, and YES THIS DID HAPPEN! It’s not just a commercial. The 2nd time he wore it he busted from last year’s main event, and the 3rd time was early in this WSOP when he busted in the first hour, so Phil take the hint leave the damn thing at home! And forget at home just burn it! As level 5 came to a close Madsen found himself involved in a big hand where his top 2 with a 6 low and a straight flush draw lost to a gut shot for the 2nd nut high and nut low, shortly after Madsen was eliminated. Shannon Elizabeth continues to impress at this World Series however for her she continues to go deep but not deep enough and she was eliminated when she got all-in with KK10Q double suited hearts and diamonds lost to an opponents A 2 10 8 on a board of 10 8 5 2 A. With this she’ll have to wait for her next event to try and make some head way. Andy Bloch finds himself out of this event as his opponent busts his flopped set with a straight on the river.

As the field grows smaller and tables are being broken and re-shuffled a true table of death has been created that has Mike Matusow, Josh Arieh, Barry Greenstein and Men “the Master” Nguyen in seats 3, 5, 8, and 9 respectively. Prior to the start of Mike the mouth’s last hand he gave himself a little pep talk telling himself he was the master of the short stack and then within seconds he was out as he walked into the nut straight with just a pair of Q’s. As day 1 came to a close there were 169 of the 553 player field remaining, these 169 players will return at 3pm tomorrow to play day 2 and down to the final 9. The chip leaders are as follows

Ivan Demidov 40,300
Rouhollan Sohayegh 35,800
James Richburg 35,000
Josh Arieh 33,000
Kevin Petersen 32,500
David Williams 31,000
Scott Clements 30,000
Kia Hooshmand 28,200
Mark Roland 27,500
Richard Weeks 27,300

Thank you for reading this review of the action from June 8, 2008 at the World Series of Poker from The Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Nevada Las Vegas USA.

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