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The fourth day of the 2008 WSOP kicked off the chaotic part of the WSOP schedule which won’t slow down for another full month. Today saw three tournaments all being played simultaneously which were Event #2 $1,500 No Limit Holdem returning for Day 2 and both Event #3 $1,500 Pot Limit Holdem and Event #4 $5,000 Mixed Holdem getting their Day 1 starts. We’ll cover the action from each in this 2008 WSOP day four report.

Deciding which event to play

With Event #3 starting at 12PM and Event #4 starting at 6PM, many players were faced with the decision on which event to play. This of course was a logical decision for players on a limited budget as the early event carried a $1,500 buy-in and the later event a $5,000 buy-in, but for players well bankrolled for high stakes tournaments the decision might have been a bit tougher. For those unable to decide there was always the option of entering the earlier event and should things not go well they’d have the option of entering the next.

Speaking of that idea…

We uncovered that several well known players did just that (enter both tournaments starting on June, 2 2008). That list includes Phil Ivey, Erik Seidel, Greg Raymer, Jeff Lisandro, Andy Bloch, David Williams, Victor Ramdin , Dewey Tomko Justin Bonomo Doug Lee, Humberto Brenes, Jennifer Tilly, Joe Sebok, Katja Thater, Mark Seif, Michael Mizrachi, and Andy Black (and this only names just the better known players),

There were a number of players who busted out of Event #2 Day 2 that later played in Event #3 or Event #4 (or perhaps even both) but the player falling into this category with the most remarkable story is David Singer. He managed to not only play Event #2 and Event #3 on the same day, but he also managed to cash in both those tournaments. He finished in 353rd place in event #2 (good for a $2,949 payout) and when today Event #3 Day 1 concluded he was in 3rd place in a field where all players were already in the money.

With this covered lets head into the fourth day of action for each 2008 WSOP event.

Event #3 $1.500 Pot-Limit Hold’em | 63 survive field of 713 entrants

Event #3 of the 2008 WSOP ($1,500 buy-in Pot-Limit Holdem) was entered by many of poker’s biggest names such as Erik Seidel, JC Tran, Justin Bonomo, David Sklansk, Tom Schneider, Miami John Cernuto, David Singer, Victor Ramdin, Alex Kravchenko, Michael Mizrachi, Men “The Master” Nguyen, Greg Raymer, Dewey Tomko, Lee Watkinson and dozens of well known internet pros. Also in attendance was event #3’s defending champion Mike Spegal The event started at 12PM (Pacific) and attracted a total of 713 entrants.

Mike Segal got himself off to a fast start when his pocket queens sucked out (flopped queens) against his opponents pocket aces. His opponent wasn’t the only one to get unlucky in this fashion as Katja Thater had her pocket kings cracked by an opponents pockets sevens; a few hands later she made an early day exit.

Several other noteworthy pros decided to try their luck at running pocket pairs against their opponent’s higher pairs. Here is a list of before dinner break noteworthy players who were not successful in doing so:

Jeff Lisandro ran his pocket kings into pocket aces making a fairly early exist.

Dewey Tomko was eliminated running pocket deuces against his opponent pocket kings.

Rafe Furst was eliminated running his pocket fives against his opponents pocket eights.

Bodog Poker‘s Jean-Robert Bellande was eliminated running pocket tens against his opponent’s pocket kings.

Jennifer Tilly goes cold in a hurry

Jennifer Tilly moved all in on a flop of a flop of JJ4 while holding KJ, her opponent Nick Cannon called tabling pocket fours for a flopped full house which was good enough to eliminate Tilly.

Other well known players sent to the rail early on included: Andy Bloch, Mark Seif, Michael Mizrachi, Victor Ramdin, Dutch Boyd and Lee Watkinson,

The play of this tournament was extremely fast placed, perhaps many players decided to gamble during the first six hours with the though “if I bust I can play the 6PM tournament”, whatever the case it was played out fast that by the dinner break only 162 of the 713 entrants remained.

Hopefully Team Full Tilt Poker member Clonie Gowen enjoyed here dinner break because moments after play resumed she found herself all in preflop with KJ against Slava Mostob’s AQ. The board ran 9 8 2 T 3 and Ms Gown was sent home in 162nd place.

When the tournament started, there was not much though it might reach the money on Day one. This did occur though and these 9 players cashed and have been eliminated.

64th Donald Carlton — $2,725
65th Nirvair Sandhu — $2,725
66th Phounsavath Philachack — $2,725
67th Neil Channing — $2,725
68th Daniel Hendrickson — $2,725
69th Geoffrey Mulligan — $2,725
70th Patrick Cruse — $2,725
71st Michael Melkersen — $2,725
72nd Ted Leva — $2,725

Play is now suspended and will resume tomorrow for Day 2. The most noteworthy players still in the reaming field of 63 are David Singer (3rd with 124K chips), Eugene Todd (24th place with 37K chips), David Levi (27th place with 34K chips), Tom McEvoy (34th with 23K chips). Bobby Law (5th with $85.5K), Jacobo Fernandez ( 6th 69K), Al Barbieri AKA “Sugar Bear” (8th 63.5K chips). Just about every player left in the field will be considered noteworthy to some one or another as most of them have fair share of tournament accolades, for example I’m sure David Paul Steicke is worth mentioning to some. Our apologies as for not covering details of all 63 remaining players, but here’s the top ten chip leaders:

Robert Workman 146,800
Philip Yeh 143,000
David Singer 123,600
Bobby Law 85,500
Scott Seiver 71,200
Jacobo Fernandez 69,100
Ryan Fair 67,700
Al Barbieri 63,500
Justin Young 63,200
Russell Harriman 61,800

WSOP Event #4 $5,000 Mixed Holdem Day 1 Coverage | 331 Entrants

This event was packed with the biggest names in poker such as Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, Greg Raymer Nenad Medic, Andy Bloch, David William, Josh Ariah, Justin Bonomo, Gavin Griffin and I could go on and here, but I’ll just end the list by saying many dozens of the biggest names in poker entered this event including the events defending champion Steve Billirakis.

Today was the story of young guns as the day saw 331 players narrowed down to 91. When the day was complete Jon “Pearljammer” Turner had himself the chip lead as the only player over the 100K chip benchmark. Poker site sponsored players Justin Bonomo, David Williams and Gavin Griffin are all in close pursuit and round off the leaderboards top nine.

Team PokerStars member Vanessa Russo was the first player to get herself off to a hot start when her set of 7’s held up against a nut flush draw. Her teammate Daniel Negreanu’s day was just the opposite as he found himself busting during level one Daniel speaks about his performance in this blog entry. Russo’s fast start went down hill rather quickly as she also found herself being one of the day’s early exits. On a board which read 10h 7h 2s 2c 5s her opponent Frank Costello bet $2000 and she came over the top all in. Costello called to which Russo said “good call I guess? Do you have Aces?” Costello turned over As 2d and Russo mucked.

The next big name elimination involved a race between legendary poker old timer Doyles Brunson and young poker talent WSOP bracelet holder Eric Froehlich. Brunson held pocket jacks and Froehlich held Ace King. An Ace on the turn sealed Froehlich the eventual winning hand sending poker legend Doyle Brunson home early.

Mark Seif donked his chips off early and was a level two elimination when he used his remaining chip to unsuccessful race his A-9 against pocket fives. Shorty after this, eleven time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth in his typical fashion showed up late to play the event. His entrance came around the same time Gabe Kaplan was eliminated courtesy of Daniel Alaei who flopped an open ended straight which completed on the river.

Jimmy Gobboboy Fricke had his aces cracked by Jeff Madsen during level 3 but thankfully Madsen had only 4000 or so chips at the time leaving Gobboboy still with 16,000 chips. When level 3 changed to No Limit Holdem (reminder this is a mixed Holdem event) several players were eliminated including Anders Henriksson, Joe Sebok, and Alex Melnikow.

During Level 4 Devilfish got his money in with Aces vs Queens and successfully ran his stack up to 30,000. He’s likely hoping for a strong WSOP run to help promote his newly relaunched online poker room devilfishpoker.com. Big names exiting during level four were Barry Greenstein, Erik Seidel, Greg “FBT” Mueller. Players then broke for a 30 minute (Oddly short?) dinner break.

After the dinner break we moved along to Level 5 with fixed limit stakes of 300/600. During this round Jennifer Tilly was eliminated with Ace King against Ted Lawson pocket Jacks and David Pham was eliminated when Howard Lederer caught an ace on the river to beat his flopped pair of kings.

From the no limit version of level five through all of level six many well know players were eliminated including Chad Brown, Eric Froehlich, Brandon Adams and Richard Brodie, John Hennigan, Jennifer Harman, Jeff Lisandro, Humberto Brenes, Isabelle Mercier, Dario Minieri, Phil Ivey, Allen Cunningham and Greg Raymer.

Level seven saw lots of interesting hands starting with David William taking down a big pot with quads chipping himself up to 52,000. The next mentionable hand was between Marcel Luske and Robert Williamson. Luske raised to 5K preflop and was called by Williamson. On a flop of Ac 2c 8h Luske bet 1K (though only online players did things like that, and bad ones at that) and Williamson called. Both played checked the turn and when the river was dealt 4 clubs where on the board. Williamson bet 2K and Luske folded face up showing pocket Queens, the interesting part is that Williamson turned over his hand as well revealing he had also been dealt pocket queens; he had the important one which made the second nut flush.

Defending Champion Steve Billirakis was the next noteworthy player eliminated. This hand saw him all in on the turn against Roland de Wolfe on a board the read Qh Jh 2d. de Wolfe held Kh 10h for an open ended straight draw with a flush draw, Billirakis tabled a heartless Ace-King making him roughly a 68% favorite to win the hand. Much to the delight of de Wolfe a 9 on the river gave him the winning straight eliminating the defending champion Steve Billirakis.

Devilfish found himself short stacked on life support during level 7 but managed before it ended to double up courtesy of Justin Bonomo to get to a still short stacked 14,000 in chips. He would later fall back to 6,000 chips when he lost a key pot to Hoyt Corkins and would eventually be finished off during Level 8 courtesy once again of Mr. Corkins.

Other noteworthy players eliminated during level 7 included David Chiu, Eric Lynch, and Michael Mizrachi,

The final hand of level seven saw Phil Laak and Berry Johnston both play a sizeable pot only to in the end both table pocket aces, splitting the pot.

The first interesting hand of Level 8 involved a flop of Qd 4d 6h, Phil Laak bet, Lederer 2 bet, Laak 3 bet and Lederer called. The turn is a 2d, Laak bet, Ledder raised and Laak called. On a river of 2c, Laak check called saying “that didn’t go well” and turned up a baby flush, Leder turned over an Ace high flush to which Laak responded “I should of check folded the river”. At the end of the hand Laak was down to 16K and Lederer improved to 40K.

As the day was near conclusion Ariel Schneller raised from the button and Phil Hellmuth reraised all in from the blind. Pot committed, as Hellmuth’s raise was not much more than the initial bet, Schneller called and tabled 9s 5s. He was not in all that bad of shap having live cards to Hellmuth’s tabled Ac Qc. The board ran 10d 6d 3h Kh (Hellmuth feeling great at this point) and finally the fatal 9h on the river. Hellmuth shook hands with the table while making a classic Phil Hellmuth like snide remark of “well played, Sir”.

Ted Forrest managed to pick up pocket kings near the end of the day picking himself up a nice pot that would improve his stack to 59,000 and send Lex “RaSZi” Veldhui to the rail.

The final elimination of the day was 2008 WSOP Bracelet (event 1 champion) Nenad Medic. On this hand Medic was all in with J8 vs David Williams pocket fives. The flop came K 7 9 to which David Williams shouted “ten” routing for Nenad Medic to win the pot off him. The turn and river came 5 and then 4 and Medic was eliminated. David Williams said “God Damn, One Time. I was routing for you”.

The Day ended with the young guns lining the leader board standing with Jon “Pearljammer” Turner in the chip leads, Gavin Griffin of Team PokerStars and Bodog Poker team member’s Justin Bonomo and David Williams not to far behind.

With 91 players remaining this is a star studded field likely to make for an interesting Day 5 WSOP report tomorrow where we’ll report which of these 91 players make the final table. Play resumes at 3PM Pacific tomorrow.

Top 10 chip counts after day one of Event 4

Jon Turner – $100,200
Ariel Schneller – $99,500
Ron Kevin Haeri – $92,300
Adam Westell – $82,800
Justin Bonomo – $73,900
Jay Rosenkrantz – $72,500
Jason Dewitt – $70,100
David Williams – $67,000
Gavin Griffin – $65,800
Thomas Keller – $63,500

2008 WSOP Event #2 Day 2 Coverage | another record set

This event has caused a few unexpected problems that we’re fairly confident Harrah’s does not mind dealing with. For starters this event shattered all previous records for most entrants to a preliminary WSOP event with 3929 entrants (much more than the previous record of 3151 set during Event 49 of the 2007 WSOP). Well today this event also set another record, this one was for the most players to ever return for a Day 2 in a preliminary event. This was set by the 448 players who survived both day ones.

We’re not sure whether to report play was suspended earlier or extremely late, so let us just report playing down to nine players became too much for the players to handle. This event started a 2PM local time and play was not suspended until just minutes before the clock struck 6AM. 18 players remain in the field and they’ll return tomorrow (or today we should say) at 1:30PM giving them just a 7.5 hour break after having just played a 16 hour marathon session.

The day would start slow which was attributed to the fact 378 of the 448 Day 2 players would make the money. After a couple hours of play the money bubble approach at which time Aaron Kanter was faced with a decision for all his chips. On this hand Kanter bet 10,000 on a flop of 5d 3c 3h. His opponent Chris Savage raised him all in to 42,000. Kanter had pocket sevens and found himself deliberating in the think tank for several minutes before he made the right call. Savage turned over Ks Js and when the turn and river ran 10h 9s Kanter doubled up avoiding the potential fate of being the events bubble boy. A few minutes later it would be Robert McLaughlin who would burst the bubble when he unsuccessfully ran pocket nines against pocket queens.

Once all players where in the money elimination began happening so quick that a tournament official actually joked on the mic saying something along the lines of “We have a long line at the payout cage, could everyone please start playing better poker so we can get this line down”. While he was joking it actually was a true problem they faced as reporters covering the event were getting delayed updates due to the slow payout processing.

It would take roughly four and a half hours for the field to be narrowed from 378 money finishers down to 125 players where the real thought of winning a WSOP bracelet begins to strongly set in. During this time David Singer, Marco Traniello, Gavin Griffin, and Mark Vos where amongst the money finishers eliminated.

Perry Friedman who for some reason now sports a color tipped Mohawk (hopefully a report coming on why soon) found himself all in preflop with Ace King against an opponent Ace Queen. A nightmare Queen came on the flop, but Friedman’s new hair style brought him the luck he needed to catch a king on the river, doubling him up to 105K.

Chris Ferguson also caught himself a lucky river when he faced tournament elimination racing Ace Queen versus pocket jacks. It would be the Ace of clubs which bailed him out on the river.

Todd Witteles better known as ‘Dan Druff’ would be the next notable player eliminated. He finished in 110th place when his King Queen ran into Pocket Aces.

On back to back hands Aaron Kanter found himself spill 37,000 and then 28,000 chips both why holding Ace Queen. He would eventually finish in 56th place.

Perry Friedman’s lucky ‘color tipped Mohawk’ hair style continued to bring him luck as he eliminated John Murphy in 67th and Scott Montgomery in 29th. He would finish day two in 8th place with 653,000 chips.

Chris Ferguson, who just might hold the record for most combined double ups in WSOP history, had himself another roller coaster of a night. He ended up unsuccessfully racing his 99 against Frank Sinopoli’s Ace King and was down to just 19.000 chips. He would then proceed to double up multiple times between winning uncontested pots. Eventually he found himself with a top eight chip stack, but lost a good portion of his chips soon later. This was no problem for Jesus as he yet again doubled up and manage to survive the marathon day 2 in 14th place with 440K chips.

One player we don’t recall playing many big hands but is certainly a noteworthy survivor of Day 2 is Mihn Nyguen. He is currently in 9th place with around 900K chips.

The final hand of the night saw Brandon Blake Eliminated in 19th Place, he received $24,133. At this time the players would vote to suspend play and return later this afternoon at 1:30PM local time to continue play.

Here are the seat chip counts for the final 18 playerss

Aaron Coulthard – 1,327,000
Theo Tran – 1,199,000
James Akenhead – 1,039,000
Matthew Kearney -1,024,000
Josh Engerdahl – 930,000
Eric Hicks – 703,000
Melvin Jones – 660,000
Perry Friedman – 653,000
Minh Nguyen – 600,000
Mike Ngo – 544,000
Brandon Blake – 514,000
Joe Rutledge – 486,000
Jeff Wiedenhoeft – 482,000
Chris Ferguson – 444,000
Grant Hinkle – 281,000
Elia Ahmadian – 171,000
David Bach – 168,000
Frank Sinopoli – 165,000

Join us tomorrow for our 2008 WSOP Day 5 recap or visit our news page to keep up with other Poker News.

Source Credit: Poker News 2008 WSOP coverage was used for chip counts and/or hand references.

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