Jens Voertmann wins 2008 WSOP Event 22

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Jens Voertmann win 2008 WSOP gold braceletJens Voertmann earned Germany their first WSOP bracelet of 2008 last night as he picked up his first career bracelet in Event #22 – 3K buy-in H.O.R.S.E. This event turned out to be a marathon session as day two ran into the late hours of the nigh and play was suspended with sixteen players remaining, rather than the expected eight. After getting through one table on day three Voertmann found himself at a star studded final table which included The Flying Dutchman Marcel Luske, Team Brunson’s Hoyt Corkins, Team Full Tilt’s Jennifer Harmon, fellow Full Tilt Poker Pro Steve Zolotow, and Jared Davis who had a WSOP runner up finish under his belt.

Jens Voertmann is no slouch himself when it comes to poker. He is Full Tilt Poker sponsored pro who came into this event with a cash for $35K in the 2005 Main event, a first place finish for €23K at the Bodensee Poker Championship in Austria, and a 17th place finish in a 2007 PokerStars EPT event worth over €12K. Even with his success, tonight he was facing such a tough field that anyone who said he was a favorite coming into this event was probably related to him, or had been partying to hard with Vinny Vihn or Phil Laak. Next time around though, he might get a bit more respect as a favorite considering the impressive performance he displayed last night.

Day three had started at 3:06 PM Pacific Time and just about exactly two hours later the final table was reached and immediately play began. At the time the chip counts were:

Hoyt Corkins 595,000 Chips
Marcel Luske 572,000 Chips
Jens Voertmann 485,000 Chips
Doug Ganger 405,000 Chips
Jennifer Harman 271,000 Chips
Steve Zolotow 180,000 Chips
Ross Tsodikov 140,000 Chips
Jared Davis 185,000 Chips

Jennifer Harman the first player out on the final table, during Razz she had a board of 6-7-Q-8 and was facing Doug Ganger’s board of 3-4-K-7. Harmon called on every street with her chips going in on the river. At show down Ganger revealed 2-5 for a 7 low and Harman mucked receiving $30,851 for her 8th place finish.

Moments later Ross Tsodikov headed to the rail in seventh place collecting $36,564. The game had just been switched to Stud and Tsodikov starting pair of nines fell when Jens Voertmann made queens up. At this point players took a 30 minute dinner break and it was closer to 40 minutes before the cards were back in the air.

After the dinner break there was a lot of exciting action, but it took about 90 minutes for the final table to experience its next casualty and once it had, another casually followed a moment later. The first was Steve Zolotow who during Stud hi low got all his money in on fourth street with 3c 9c 9h As against Hoyt Corkings four flush of Ks 6s 5s 8s, Zolotow pair was best until the river gave Corkins the nut flush sending Zolotow to the rail in sixth place worth $47,990. The next to go was Jared Davis who received $61,702 for his fifth place finish. On this hand Davis was raised all in on river, his opponent Jens Voertmann showed a board of Ad 8d 5s 6c and Davis showed Qd 6s 10c 6h, he made the call then mucked when Voertmann tuned over As Ah Ks for trips.

Less than twenty minutes later Hoyt Corkins and Marcel Luske got into a raising war which started preflop and continued on a flop of Ad Ts Kd. Before the turn card was dealt Corkins was all in turning over Kh Qc behind Luske’s Ac 9d. When the turn and river came Ad 3h and Corkins was out in fourth place collecting $81,698.

Three handed play was a fierce battle that lasted about 4 hours and 15 minutes with each player taking turns at the chip lead, it was clearly anyone’s match throughout the night. Marcel Luske was the most aggressive of the three competitors, clearly playing for the bracelet and not for second place prize money. As a result he would find himself both the chip leader and the short stack the most often. After four hours time Luske was finally eliminated during a round of 7 card stud when his board bricked out and Jens Voertmann made a pair of aces. Luske elimination earned him a $110,264 payday, but sadly ended the Netherlands hopes of a first WSOP bracelet.

When the heads up match began between America’s Doug Ganger and Germany’s Jens Voertmann the chip counts were:

Jens Voertmann: 1,630,000
Doug Ganger: 870,000

The heads up match was over in less than an hour, which included a 12 minute break. On the final hand all the chips went in during a 7 card stud hi/l hand where Ganger had 8c 8h 9c and Voertmann 5d 5c 7c. Ganger made two pair on fourth but in the end Voertmann’s board read 7c Ac Jh Jd giving him jacks up for the win. Doug Ganger received $182,822 for his runner up finish while Jens Voertmann received $298,253 for his first-place finish against this impressive $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. event field.

Jens Voertmann became just the fifth German to earn a bracelet, although this makes 3 WSOP bracelets in less than the past Series and a half for Germany.

List of German WSOP bracelet winners

Jens Voertmann – 2008 WSOP
Katja Thater – 2007 WSOP
Michael Keiner – 2007 WSOP
Eddy Scharf – 2003 WSOP & 2001 WSOP
Matthias Rohnacher – 2007 WSOP

Editor’s note: Poker had become very popular in Germany and most large online poker rooms now offer their software in German. The first site to really focus on this market though was Everest Poker, who happens also to be the official final table sponsor of the 2008 WSOP.

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