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Jason Young wins 2008 WSOP ShootoutJason Young is 26 years old and recently made the decision to become a professional poker player, quitting his job at the Parks and Recreation Department after grinding his way up in stakes at local Atlantic City card rooms. He decided to come out to the WSOP to try his luck, and this proved to be a great decision, last night he won the Event #17 $1500 buy In WSOP shootout.

In his post match interview, Young explained how he came to this final table with just one hour sleep and it was adrenaline that kept him going. He went on to explain while the money is great; all that he had his mind on was winning the bracelet. Money can come and go but how many chances does a player get to win a WSOP bracelet?

The final table began at 2:00 pm and was a full table with 10 players all sitting with 1,000,000 in chips and all were competing for the same first place prize of $335,565 along with a wsop bracelet.

Seat 1 – Casey Coleman (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)
Seat 2 – Matthew Giannetti (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Seat 3 – Thomas West (Los Altos, California)
Seat 4 – Rory Monahan (Carbondale, Illinois)
Seat 5 – Kyle Bowker (Walton, New York)
Seat 6 – John Strzemp III (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Seat 7 – Mike Schwartz (Encino, California)
Seat 8 – Sergey Rybachenko (Moscow, Russian Federation)
Seat 9 – Jason Young (Suffern, New York)
Seat 10 – Alexander Triner (Rockville, Maryland)

Casey Coleman, known at FullTiltPoker as Cosey and PokerStars as CCmuney found himself the first man out after tangling with Mike Schwartz early on in the match. Mike made a 60,000 preflop raise and Casey called, leaving himself with virtually no chips, and Matt Giannetti got in on the action as well and called. The flop came 7c-7d-3s and Mike made a continuation bet and Coleman pushed his remaining stack in. Giannetti folded and Schwartz called with 8s-8c and Casey showed Ah-Qs. The turn and river were bricks and Casey found himself shaking hands and on his way out with $7,507.

9th place prize money of $9,828 went to Alex Triner after he re-raised all in against John Strzemp. Strzemp immediately called with his pocket queens and Triner’s tournament life and pocket jacks were in serious trouble. No jack came to help Triner and he was eliminated.

Thomas West found himself a short stack when he got involved with Sergey Rybachenko and shortly after losing a big hand he pushed his remaining chips in with A-Q and was called by Jason Young with A-K. The board did not help out West and he was finished in 8th place and $12,421.

The hyper-aggressive Sergey Rybachenko found himself on a roller coaster and the ride was not a friendly one. After being a chip leader and back down to a short stack in a very short period of time, he lost a monster pot to Jason Young. The board was 8c-Ac-7d-3s-8s and Young held Ah-Qd and won over a million chips from Sergey and left him only 380,000 remaining. Needless to say, Young was by far the chip leader at this point.

A very interesting hand came up when Sergey pushed all in from the small blind for roughly 300,000 after Kyle Bowker raised to 100,000 initially. Bowker went all in as well, the action came back to Schwartz and he made the call as well. The hands were as follows:

Sergey – Ks-Kd
Bowker – Qd-9d
Schwartz – Ad-Qs

The turn brought a 9 and the river brought an ace and giving Schwartz a double knock out. Sergey ended up finishing in 7th and earning $15,697 and Bowker finished in 6th and earned $23,887.

Matthew Giannetti was the next man down after he called Schwartz’s all in with Ac-10h on a 9c-Kh-Ah board against Qh-9h. Schwartz received some help when the turn brought a Queen and the river came a Nine making him a full house. Giannetti went home in 5th $40,267 richer. It didn’t take long for the next victim when Rory Monahan moved all in and was called by John Strzemp. Monahan held 5c-6c and was against As-Qc. The board ran sour for Monahan and he was sent home in 4th place with $82,582 in prize money.

After the dinner break John Strzemp was playing like he had something to prove and was very aggressive. I didn’t take long before he was caught speeding. On a board of Kc-2d-7c-5h-ks Strzemp moved all in on the river and Schwartz made a quick call showing K-8. Strzemp attempted to muck his hand, but the tournament director revealed his hand was Qd-9d and Strzemp went out in 3rd place earning $129,675.

When heads up started the chips stacks were nearly even and the match carried on for over two hours. In the end it came down to a coin flip where all the chips went in preflop. Schwartz held 4h-4s and Young held Ac-Jd, the board ran 6d-8d-2h-Ah-Qc and Jason Young won his first ever World Series of Poker bracelet and $335,565! Schwartz received $209,527 for his runner up finish.

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