$25K Buy-in Full Tilt Poker Heads-Up Championship

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The largest heads up tournament to ever be played live or online is set to take place on Full Tilt Poker at 15:00 ET on Saturday May 24th. The tournament was originally capped as a 64 entrant, however, it filled up so fast that Full Tilt decided to expand the tournament to 128 players.

Increasing the size will be providing more Full Tilt players with an excellent opportunity to catch a piece of the huge prize pool. With a 128 seats available the prize pool may now reach over 1 million for first place, depending on the payout structure of course. Any player on Full Tilt has the ability to get off the rail and attempt to satellite their way into the event via their exclusive $500 +35 Heads Up qualifiers which will be held on May 22nd and May 23rd. Of course any player can also buy in directly for $25,000.

What makes this tournament special, besides of course it’s the largest heads up tournament ever, is that Full Tilt Players will re-play hands or matches with post event commentary and analysis provided by Chris Ferguson and Poker After Dark’s Ali Nejad.

There is a predominant issue if the tournament does not reach 128 players. Full Tilt will have to refund players buy-ins and bring back the tournament to 64 entrants. Heads up tournaments follow a specific bracket layout and needs either 64 players or 128.

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