Farzad Rouhani wins WSOP Event 10

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Farzad Rouhani wins WSOP Event 10A few hours ago, Farzad Rouhani outlasted Tom Chambers and Miami John Cernuto to win WSOP Event #10 which earned him $232,911 top place prize money and the first WSOP bracelet of his career. This final table also included poker super star Michael Mizrachi and young-gun rising poker star John Racener,

Farzad Rouhani is a tournament poker veteran with dozens of high stakes cashes. While fixed limit games including Stud Hi/Lo and Texas Hold’em are his specialties he’s shown he can hold his own in other events as well. The closest he previously had come to winning a bracelet was at the 2006 WSOP where he finished runner up to Justin Scott in Event #31 $2,000 buy-in No Limit Hold’em good for a $429,065 payday.

When the final table started the chip counts where

Farzad Rouhani 513,000
Greg Pappas 304,000
John Cernuto 285,000
Tom Chambers 235,000
Michael Mizrachi 231,000
John Racener 180,000
Daniel Mowczan 122,000
Yueqi Zhu 87,000

Michael Mizrachi was visibly frustrated early having missed several draws in key pots. He became the night’s first elimination on a stud/8 hand where he begged the dealer for a low card on seventh street only to be dealt a useless queen. When the cards where turned up he showed 7d 2s Qd 3c with Ac 2d Js and Rich Zhu showed 4c As 9s 10s with Qs 6d 6c. Mizrachi received $24,095 for his eighth place finish.

The next to go would be Daniel Mowczam when during Omaha Hi/Lo he was all in against John Racener and Tom Chambers. The flop came Jh 7c Qc, Chambers bet Mowczam called all in and Racener called. The turn was Jd, both Racener and Chambers checked, the river was 10s and Racener bet and Chambers folded.. Racener showed Ad Ks 6h 2s for a straight and Mowczam headed to the cage to collect his $28,557 in winnings.

John Racener would be the next to go when his shorts stack saw him all in with two pair against Farzad Rouhani flush. The cards were:

Racener: 9s 6s 5d 3h with Kd Kh 3s
Rouhani: 3d Ad 2d 9c with Qd 10d X

John Racener received $37,481 for his 6th place finish.

Daniel Negreanu’s roll model (great read) Greg Pappas was eliminated in 5th place for $48,190 on a big Omaha/8 pot where the board read 7h 9h 10c 2h 10s and Todd turned up 4h Qh 9c Ks for a flush. Pappas mucked his cards but claimed he had made a straight.

Farzad Rouhani had two previous chances to eliminate Yueqi Zhu and the third time would be the charm on a hand which they both where all in prelop Zhu showed Ad Qs 9s 5s and was well behind to Rouhani’s As Ac 3c Kh. The board was no help and Zhu collected $63,807 for his 4th place finish.

Full Tilt Poker Pro Miami John Cernuto would finish in third place receiving $86,117 on a hand which Rouhani raised from the button, and both Tom Chambers and John Cernuto called from the blinds. The flop came Js 10h 7s and Miami Johh bet. Rouhani raised, Chambers got out of the way, and Miami John called. The turn was the 5h and Miami John tossed in his last few chips,

Cernuto: 10d 7h 5c 3c (3 pairs)
Rouhani: 5s 9s Ac Qh (1 pair with 2 over and straight draws)

The river was the Ks sending Cernuto to the rail.

Worth noting is that this final table contained some of the nicest guys in poker, most big time fans of the game as a legitimate sport. The chat through out the final table was more like a home game than a WSOP final table with the only player to even appear frustrated throughout being Mizrachi who perhaps had quite a bit more on the line considering future sponsorship deals etc a bracelet might afford him.

When heads up play began Farzad Rouhani commented to his opponent Todd Chambers “All right buddy, it’s just you and I. We chuck all the enemies out, we don’t have to be any more.” He’d continue to talk the rest of the heads up match clearly enjoying his time in the spotlight.

On the final hand Rouhani limped, Chambers raised and Rouhani called.

Flop: 3h 3c 7d

Chambers bet. Rouhani raised. Chambers reraised, and they agreed to go all in.

Chambers: 9c 2c Ad 10c
Rouhani: 3d 8c 2h 9s

Turn: Ac

River: 3s

With quads on the river Farzad Rouhani became the Event 10 champion earning $232,911 top place prize money and his first WSOP bracelet. Todd Chambers received $142,784 for his runner up finish.

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