Brooks wins Stud Championship, donates prize to charity

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Eric Brooks wins WSOP Event 14With an initial 158 players who entered the stud event, it was assumed a high profile poker player would win the bracelet. Instead, a unknown poker player from Pennsylvania named Eric Brooks took home the first place prize of $415,856 and a gold Bracelet. The best part of this whole event is Brooks said he is going to donate the entire prize money to the Decision Education Foundation!

The Decision Education Foundation is based out of Palo Alto and Brooks is on of the board of directors along with professional poker player Annie Duke. The foundation provides support with schools and teachers instructing the science of decision making, which has historically been taught since the 1960’s at university level. The goal of the organization is to provide kids with the skills to make plus ev life decisions at a younger age.

Chip amounts when the final table started:

David Oppenheim 508,000
Alexander Kostritsyn 495,000
Fu Wong 429,000
Minh Ly 424,000
Jim Paluszek 413,000
Eric Brooks 359,000
Erik Seidel 273,000
Vassilios Lazarou 259,000.

Friend of Full Tilt Poker David Oppenheim came into the final table as the chip leader but became a short stack early, when he got involved in a three way pot. Oppenheim made a check raise on 5th street and was re-raised by 2008 Aussie Millions Champion Alexander Kostritsyn. Oppenheim was showing A-5-6-Q and mucked when Kostritsyn showed jacks over queens. Alexander Kostritsyn had a massive stack after this large pot.

This wasn’t the end for Oppenheim as he battled back and ended up eliminating Vassilios Lazarou. Lazarou ended up getting all of his chips in on 3rd street against Oppenheim and failed to improve his drawing hand. Lazarou finished in 8th and cashed in for $48,269. Oppenheim’s luck didn’t last long as he ended up being eliminated shortly after when he ran into Alexander Kostritsyn once again. This time Oppenheim ran into Kostritsyn’s trip 5’s Oppenheim left the table in 7th place earning $59,408.

Alexander Kostritsyn wasn’t done there and his next victim was Jim Paluszek. He beat Jim with two pair and Paluszek was sent home in 6th place and $74,260. The 8 time WSOP bracelet Erik Seidel was next to fall as he lost to Minh Ly’s split aces and took $92,825 for 5th place. Kostritsyn seemed to have a vendetta against the entire table and hit a straight against Minh Ly who finished in 4th and won $118,816.

It was down to Alexander Kostritsyn, Eric Brooks and Fu Wong with Alexander having a massive chip lead, but was unable to keep it. After a series of missed draws and touch beats Kostritsyn was finally done in by Brooks’ Aces up. He won $163,372 for his effort.

When heads up started Eric Brooks held a slight chip lead of 1,815,000 to 1,345,000. The final hand brooks held Ah-5s-Qd with a board of 5d-3d-Ad-7d, which made a flush which beat 10c-4c-9c with a board of Ac-2h-4h-4d for two pair. Wong finished second place and earning $259,910 for his runner up performance.

Eric Brooks is the 2008 WSOP Event 14 Champion. This $10K buy-in event featured one of the toughest 7 card stud fields of all time and in the end it was Brooks who had never previously cashed in a high stakes tournament who walked away with the gold bracelet. While he’s announced the $415,856 top place prize money is going to charity he’ll still have the gold bracelet to look at, reminding himself of the time he took on 157 of the world’s best 7 Card Stud players, an Won! Congratulation Eric Brooks and from what we’ve seen so far, this couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

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