Durrrr Challenge Update: Session 24

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Durrrr Challenge Update: Session 24Session 24 has been the longest and by far the most epic session of the durrrr Challenge. The session started late in the evening and lasted for an impressive 15 hours for a total of 4,532 hands being played. Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan and Patrik Antonius spread out the play over eight tables and durrrr ended up finishing in the black on five of them for a total of $764,650.50 of winnings.

Coming into session 24 Dwan was down a total of $34,595 on the challenge, which is nearly nothing at these nose bleed limits and with such a long session being played it has brought the challenge close to the half way point. We also got to see 13 pots worth over $200,000 and nearly 50 pots that were over $100,000. Throughout the 15 hours of play the two players wagered over $5 million and the largest pot of the session was won by Antonius and was worth $477,556.

At one point in the durrrr challenge Dwan was down over $600,000 and has climbed his way back and is now ahead by $726,547.00! This is the largest lead either of them has held throughout the challenge. We can expect the two of them to be back at the durrrr challenge tables in the next few days.

durrrr: i need to sleep sry
durrrr: been barely keeping my eyes awake the last 5hrs
durrrr: was planning on napping 14hrs ago lol
durrrr: anyway gg, ill be able to play some more rest of this week except 10k plo
Patrik Antonius: ok
Patrik Antonius: gg gn

Interesting to note that durrrr did not go to bed as he ended up playing 30 minutes later against Gus Hansen and four tabling $300/$600 Pot Limit Omaha on Full Tilt Poker.

Final Stats of Session 24 of the Durrrr Challenge:

Table 1) Tom Dwan +$114,972.00 Patrick Antonius -$115,003.00 136 hands
Table 2) Tom Dwan +$784,118.50 Patrick Antonius -$784,289.50 761 hands
Table 3) Tom Dwan +$337,740.00 Patrick Antonius -$337,866.50 544 hands
Table 4) Tom Dwan -$103,525.50 Patrick Antonius +$103,346.00 774 hands
Table 5) Tom Dwan +$60,923.00 Patrick Antonius -$60,985.00 294 hands
Table 6) Tom Dwan +$253,662.50 Patrick Antonius -$253,768.00 454 hands
Table 7) Tom Dwan -$234,061.00 Patrick Antonius +$233,839.50 944 hands
Table 8) Tom Dwan -$449,159.00 Patrick Antonius +$449,024.00 616 hands
15.00 hrs. 4,523 hands
TD +$764,670.50 PA -$765,702.50

Complete stats of the durrrr Challenge:

Tom Dwan +$726,547.00 Patrik Antonius -$731,107.50 67.58 hrs. 20,641 hands

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