Durrr Challenge Update – Session 20 vs Patrik Antonius

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Durrr Challenge Update – Session 20 vs Patrik AntoniusThe durrrr Challenge continued today with the 20th session being played between Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan and Patrik Antonius. They sat down on Full Tilt Poker for a 693 hand session that lasted two hours with Antonius scooping $32,927 from durrrr.

Four tabling against Patrik Antonius was not enough for the sick Tom Dwan as he also was sitting on Pot Limit Omaha heads up tables against Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen and Ziigmund. He ended up winning some money from Phil Ivey, which will help his deficit on the tables this year, since he is down over a million dollars and at one point was down as much as four million.

Final Stats of Session 20 of the Durrrr Challenge:

Table 1) TD -$42,704.50 PA +$42,668.50 176 hands
Table 2) TD -$8,057.00 PA +$8,019.00 166 hands
Table 3) TD -$2,579.50 PA +$2,544.00 156 hands
Table 4) TD +$24,465.50 PA -$24,503.00 175 hands
Table 5) TD -$4,201.00 PA +$4,198.50 20 hands
120 minutes 693 hands
Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan -$33,076.50 Patrik Antonius +$32,927.00

Dwan has dug himself a deeper hole this session and is now down over all in the challenge by $424,631.50 with 35,757 hands remaining. The 14,243 hands played has taken nearly 47 hours and during the play, they have wagered 91 million dollars.

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