Durrr Challenge Update – Session 7 vs Patrik Antonius

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Durrr Challenge Update – Session 7 vs Patrik AntoniusTom ‘durrrr’ Dwan and Patrik Antonius put in a 82 minute 425 hand session before they called it quits after durrrr was having internet connection issues . The two of them also put in a session on Sunday making this the second session of the week.

This session Antonius mixed up his play and bought in for 200 big blinds instead of the standard 100 big blinds, making his total buy in $80,000. This gave Antonius some extra confidence and he was able to win $161,086 from durrrr.

The final straw broke for durrrr when he nearly disconnected in a pot that was worth $150,000. However, luckily for him it saved him money and durrrr had this to say in the Full Tilt Poker chat box:

durrrr: i guess i need to quit
durrrr: until i fix intnet
durrrr: that was almost pretty costly
durrrr: well
Dealer: durrrr has 15 seconds left to act
durrrr: i guess it wouldv saved me $$ lol
durrrr: but lost ev
Patrik Antonius: k

To this date Patrick Antonius is now ahead of Tom “durrrr” Dwan in the challenge by $107,445 over 5,511 hands that has taken over 17 hours and 23 minutes to play. This is still very early in the challenge so if you’re hoping for durrrr there is still lots of play and coin flips left.

Session 7 Table Stats:

Table 1) TD -$18,360.00 PA +$18,338.50 101 hands
Table 2) TD -$111,600.50 PA +$111,577.50 118 hands
Table 3) TD -$22,203.00 PA +$22,190.50 60 hands
Table 4) TD +$4,539.50 PA -$4,565.00 100 hands
Table 5) TD -$13,554.00 PA +$13,544.50 46 hands
82 minutes 425 hands
TD -$161,178.00 PA +$161,086.00

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