Duncan Bell Wins WSOP Event 13

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Duncan Bell wins WSOP Event 13Event #13 of the 2008 WSOP was concluded last night and the last man standing was Duncan Bell from Vancouver, BC (Canada). He is a 32 year old poker professional married with one son. The real story of this final table was an absolute dream come true situation for a couple of poker mates. Last night, Duncan found himself sitting directly next to his good buddy Shawn Buchanan, from Abbotsford, BC (Canada). Most poker friends dream about the opportunity to play against one another for WSOP gold at a final table, and for these two, that dream came true.

Final table coverage

When the final table began here where the seating assignments and chip counts:

Seat 1 – Brent Hanks – 755,000
Seat 2 – Steve Merrifield – 1,109,000
Seat 3 – Shawn Buchanan – 1,133,000
Seat 4 – Duncan Bell – 1,966,000
Seat 5 – Jason Sanders – 1,099,000
Seat 6 – Nathan Doudney – 113,000
Seat 7 – Brent Ditzik – 384,000
Seat 8 – Nicolas Levi – 233,000
Seat 9 – Ariel Soffer – 191,000

This was a fast paced final table. The very first hand saw well known internet pro Brent Hanks (user names: usourcek and bhanks11) win over 500K of Jason Sander’s chips and the second hand saw Steve Merrifield send Nicolas Levi to the rail. On this hand Levi moved all in for 227K with pocket sevens and Merrifield called showing AhTs. The board ran Th 6s 6d 8h Tc and Levi was eliminated.

Even though he had come into the final table as a short stack, this was still a disappointing early finish for Nicolas Levi a Frenchmen now playing professional poker player in the United Kingdom. At age 25 he’s earned over $375K in live tournaments and in just 19 tournaments played at Full Tilt Poker (username CroqueMonsieur) he’s cashed for $136,081. Tonight he received $59,442 for his ninth place finish.

The fast pace would continue as hand #4 would bring us another elimination, on this hand Duncan Bell opened for 90K and Brent Ditzik came over the top with an all in bet. When the cards were turned up Bell had Jh Jc and Ditzik As-Qc. It was an emotional flop for Dtisik as the door card brought the Queen he was looking for but after closer inspection he’d see the flop also had given Bell a set. In the end the board red Qd 8s Jc 7d- 3c and Ditzik picked up $83,541 for his eighth place finish.

Duncan Bell would take out two more players where on Hand #11 he and Ariel Soffer where all in preflop and a turned King gave Bell’s JT a straight to beat Soffer’s pocket-sixes, and on hand #16 Bells’ pocket deuces outraced Jason Sander Td 7h, Sanders had been all in preflop for his last 100K. Ariel Soffer received $107,638 and Jason Sanders $139,769 for their seventh and sixth place finishes.

It had taken just 45 minutes and sixteen hands for the final table to reach 5 handed. It would take 12 more hands and about another hour (30 min break between) for it to get to four handed. On hand #28 Brent Hanks went all in with A2 and was called by Steve Merrifeld’s AT. The board ran Js 7d Jh Kc 4h an Brent Hanks (aka usourcek and bhanks11) was eliminated in 5th place collecting $178,327. Six hands later, Steve Merrifield eliminated Shawn Buchanan in fourth place when his pocket nines outrace Buchanan’s Ace King suited. Shawn Buchanan received $218,491.

Shawn Buchanan as we mentioned earlier is a good friend of Duncan Bell, but what we hadn’t mentioned is Buchannan is a fairly well known successful poker pro both live an online. At PokerStars Buchanan has $316,845 winning and an 85% ROI (username: buck21) and in live play he had already eclipsed $1 million in winnings before tonight’s event which includes a WPT Championship in the 2007 Mandalay Bay event which earned him $768,775.

The nights final elimination before heads up play was reached came on hand #55 when there was a major case of “teaser turn, fatal river”, on this hand Merrifield button raised to 105K holding As 9s and Doudney moved all in with Kh 8h. The flop came came Kd Ac Js give both players a pair but Doudney took a commanding lead when the turn was 8c, this was just a tease as the river came 9c giving Merrifield the better two pair. This hand sent Nathan Doudney home in third place with $260,261.

It was only appropriate that the heads up round would come down to Merrifield and Bell as one or the other had eliminated every one of their final table opponents. Heads up play lasted 17 hands and ended on Final Table Hand #73 which played out like this:

Merrifield raised to 155K and Bell called, the flop came 6c 8s 2s, Bell bet 150K, Merrifield raised to 500K, Bell said “all” in and Merrifield called. Bell quickly tabled pocket aces and Merrifield disappointedly turned over pocket tens. The turn and river came 4c Jh and Duncan Bell is the $2500 buy-in No Limit Texas Holdem winner.

Merrifield took home $428,949 runner up prize money and Duncan “Pumper” Bell took home $666,777 top place prize money and a WSOP bracelet.

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