David Singer wins Full Tilt $25K Buy-in HU Championship

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David Singer wins $25K buy-in Full Tilt Heads up ChampionshipThe $25K buy-in Full Tilt Poker Heads-up Championship is now in the books. This past weekend it was David Singer who managed to claim the largest portion of the prize pool ($560K) along with the tournament title. In doing so he outlasted a field made up of 64 of the best high stakes players in the world including many big name celebrity pros such as Gus Hansen, Phil Ivey, David Benyamine, Erick Lindgren, Chris Ferguson, Huck Seed, Gavin Smith, Howard Lederer, Andy Bloch and many others.

David Singer was born in Brooklyn New York and before taking up a career as a professional poker player in 1996; He was an environmental attorney working for a non-profit organization involved in issues and lawsuits related to cleaning up Long Island Sound. He’s had a lot of success on the poker circuit with over $4,000,000 in career winnings. In October 2007 he won the $10,000 buy-in Creasers Palace Classic No Limit Holdem event which earned him a cool million dollars.

This Heads up Championship was originally scheduled to host a 64 player field, but after the tournament filled so quickly Full Tilt on short notice decided to extend it to 128 player field. This notice was apparently too short as Full Tilt reverted back to the 64 player format. The first four rounds were played on Saturday and the final four and championship took place on Sunday.

The final round played on Sunday (elite 8) saw the following match up and results:

Whitelime (Emil Patel) defeated Ansky451 (Dani Stern)
Andy Bloch defeated FinddaGrind (believed to be Patrick Antonius)
Brain Hastings defeated mischiefofmagic
David Singer defeated mastrblastr (Scott Seiver)

The first semi final match decided was between Andy Bloch, an accomplished poker professional who has more than $3 million dollars in career tournament winnings and is a famous member of the MIT blackjack team and Emil Patel (whitelime) who despite being one of the lesser known players in the field he is also a feared and accomplished poker pro. Whitelime is an instructor with CardRunners, has reportedly $1 million dollars in career online poker winnings and happened to defeat Phil Ivey in the opening round of this tournament.

Whitelime had dominated most of this match but Bloch gained a chip lead at one point when he pushed all in with Ad 9d on a board of 5c Kd 4d only to be called by Whitelime who head big slick (Ace-King). On this hand Bloch needed a diamond but managed to get running nines instead to stay alive. In the end whitelime successful ran his pocket sevens against Bloch’s AT suited to advance to the finals.

The other semi final match was between 19 year old Brian Hastings, another CardRunners instructor who managed to knock out both Max Pescatori and Howard Lederer on his way to the semis and the eventually champion David Singer. Hastings found himself behind early but fought hard to stay in it and eventually gain the chip lead after Singer who held Ace-King put him all in on a flop of 2-T-4, Hastings showed Ace-Ten for top pair which held up. In the end it would be variance that would do Hastings in and put Singer in a finals. Bother players went all in, Hastings with pocket Nines and Singer with Pocket fives. A five landed on the flop and unable to improve Hastings was sent home in third place.

Brian Hastings and Andy Block received $168,000 for their 3rd place finishes.

The final match was decided when Singer called whitelime’s all-in bet holding pocket eights. Whitelime was on a steal having just T3 but on the turn he found himself with plenty of outs as the board had run 9-Q-Q-J. The river card ended up being no help to Whitelime and he would finish this tournament as the runner up. Singer received $560,000 for his first place finish and Whitelime receive $320,000 for his second place performance.

This tournament was a big successes and the perfect gateway to the upcoming Full Tilt Mini-SOP.

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