David Chiu wins WPT Championship, Gus Hansen denied 4th WPT Title

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David Chiu tops Gus Hansen to win 2008 WPT ChampionshipDavid Chiu probably consider himself a favorite at most final tables, after all he has an impressive 3 million dollars in career tournament winnings and has been a fixture on the circuit for a dozen years. Last night, however he found himself not playing an ordinary final table, this was the World Poker Tour $25,000 buy-in championship event and sitting across from him was the Great Dane, Gus Hansen who is arguably the most successful WPT player of all time with 7 final tables and 3 major victories.

Today appeared to be a day of destiny for Great Dane as in just 22 hand of final table play he managed to eliminate four of his five competitors. Here is how those hands played out:

Hand #12: Gus Hansen calls a 1.3 million chip all in bet with 10s-9s made preflop by Jeff King who held Ac-Qc. Neither player pairs until the river, which happens to be a ten and gives Gus Hansen the pot which sent King home in 6th place.

Hand #15: Gus Hansen and Tommy Le then collided on a flop of Q-T-5, Lee gets his money in with a set of fives, but Hansen has a set of tens sending Lee home in 5th place.

Hand #16 The next player to get Gus Hansened was Cory Carroll. This hand saw Hansen raise and call a reraise preflop with 7-5 diamonds. Hanson flopped a flush draw and moved all in after the flop was checked to him. He was called and once again hit a winning card on the river. Cory Carroll received $593,645 for his 4th place finish.

Hand #22 John Roveto moves all in with pocket kings and is called by Gus Hansen who holds Ac10c. The flop and turn run J-9-8-6 but for the third time today Hansen catches a card on the river, this time the 7 of spades, to send a player to the rail. After being Gus Hansened, John Roverto received $923,355 for his 3rd place finished

When heads up play began Gus Hansen had 23 million chips, plus all the momentum in the world, and all that was standing in his way from winning a 4th WPT major was David Chiu and his measly 4.3 million chips. It seems though that history tells us that when David faces Goliath, David usually wins, and today would be no exception.

It took just 22 hands for the field to go from 6 players to two but it would take several hours of play and 58 hands for a Champion to be decided. Here are a couple pivotal hands from that match.

Hand #33 Chiu gets his 3.79 million all in with pocket 5s and doubles up versus Gus Hansen’s pocket 2s.

Hand #76: Gus Hansen raises 775K from the button, Chiu reraises making it 1.85 million to go. The flop comes J-6-3 all spades. Chiu bets 1.6 million and after thinking for several minutes Hansen calls. When the turn comes the six of clubs, Chiu moves all in and Hansen fold. At this point the chip count is:

Gus Hansen – 15,150,000
David Chiu – 12,125,000

Hand 78: Chiu picks up a few million chips and for the first time of the final table Hansen no longer has the lead.

Two hands after losing the lead Gus Hansen end up being eliminated in second place. The final hand played out like this:

Hand #80 Gus Hansen raises to 750K from the button and Chui calls. The flop ran Ac-10c-8s, Chiu check/calls Hansen’s 900K bet. The turn brings the 5 of spades and Hansen thinks for a while and then declares himself all in for his remaining 8.7 million. After spending about 2 minutes counting his chips Chiu said, “I call”.

Hansen shows 10s-8h for two pair and Chiu shows As-9s for a pair of aces with a flush draw. Hansen is about 64 percent favored to regain his massive chip advantage, but Chiu can win the tournament with an Ace, Nine, Five or one of the eight remaining spades.

For once at the final table the river card is not kind to Gus Hansen as it brings the ace of hearts and he is eliminated 2nd place receiving $1,714,800 for his performance. David Chiu is the 2008 World Poker Tour Champion and the $3,389,140 in prize money puts him over the 6 million dollar milestone in career tournament winnings.

To watch David Chiu slay the Gus the Great Goliath Dane yourself, tune into the Game Show Network (GSN) on August 25, 2008 where the final table will be televised from 7-9 Eastern Time and will then re-air that same night from 7-9 Pacific Time.

Credits: Credit to CardPlayer.com for providing the hand histories used in this article.

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