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Cake Poker becomes 10th largest online poker roomFor having made such a late entry into the online poker market, Cake Poker has become a classic success story. Their online poker room first opened for real money play in late 2005 and for the first time today broke into the top-ten list of largest online poker rooms in terms of real money ring game traffic. The rooms that Cake Poker passed in recent weeks to become the tenth largest online poker room are Bodog, Absolute Poker, the Microgaming Network, and Pacific Poker. All five rooms remain within a couple hundred players of one another.

What makes this news so significant is that in 2005 most experts said it was too late for any newcomers to the online poker market to have any chance at success. Not only has Cake now achieved such success they did it without spending the hundreds of millions of dollars on marketing their competitors have. Cake has instead focused on expansion through partnerships, as opposed to mass-marketing.

Cake formed its first network partnership in late 2006, bringing on the online sportsbook, sportsbook.com to its network. This partnership allowed for Sportsbook Poker to use a self branded version of the Cake Poker software and the two rooms would share player traffic. As the poker room continued to grow, more and more large online sportsbooks and casinos looked to Cake Poker for network solutions. Fast forward another year and a half and Cake now has brought twenty additional partners to its network, all of which share the same player base.

Any poker room that has defied the odds Cake has by continuing to grow at such as rapid pace must be doing a lot of things right. We congratulate Cake on their accomplishments and are proud to be an affiliate partner of their products.

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