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Blair Hinkle with 2008 WSOP BraceletAfter Grant Hinkle won a 2008 WSOP bracelet in event #2 he told a reporter “I got a bracelet before Blair, so I got the bragging rights now”. He was of referring to his brother Blair Hinkle who is a young online poker prodigy with a huge following. Well those bragging rights did not last long as tonight, just ten days later; Blair Hinkle took down 2008 WSOP Event #23 winning himself a bracelet of his own.

The finish was epic, but let’s quickly run down all the night’s eliminations and key hands. When the night started the chip counts were:

Andrew Jeffreys — 1,051,000
Blair Hinkle — 1,030,000
Dustin Dirksen — 867,000
David Steicke — 611,000
Mark Brockington — 552,000
Daniel O’Brien — 465,000
Stephane Tayar — 323,000
Chris Bjorin — 247,000
Dominik Kulicki — 241,000

Play was scheduled to begin at 2PM, but technical difficulties involving the film crew or confusion about the lack thereof saw us get started almost an hour late. When the cards where finally in the air around 2:55PM Mark Brockington picked up the first pot taking 75K of Chris Bjorin chips. Blair Hinkle picked up the chip lead after taking about 300K off Andrew Jeffreys on the second hand.

The nights first elimination would come on final table hand #5 when Stephan Tayar pushed all in with AT and was called by David Steicke who tabled QQ. The board ran 2-2-5-9-K and Stephan Tayar collected $45,252 for his ninth place finish.

David Steicke, Dustin Dirksen and Blair Hinkle were all aggressive early picking up several pots. Bjorin doubled on final table hands #12 and #17 to keeping himself in contention for a while.

Andrew Jeffreys started off the day as the big stack, but as we mentioned lost a few chips on the second hand. He then would find himself in a hard to swallow situation. On final table hand #20 Bjorin raises to 75,000 on the cutoff, Steicke raised to 225K on the SB, and Jeffreys announced himself all in from the BB. Bjorin thought for a while and folded, but Steicke insta-called showing AA and a heartbroken Andrew Jeffreys tuned over KK. The board ran T A 2 5 7 and just like that Andrew Jeffreys had gone from first to worst and was out in 8th place collecting $63,598.

As if that situation was not cruel enough believe it our not we saw AA vs KK on the very next hand, and once again it involved David Steicke. This time he had the KK and Daniel O’Brien had the AA. The aces held and O’Brien doubled up to about 400K.

Fun Fact: The odds of AA vs KK occurring back to back in this circumstance were greater than 1.5 million to 1.

Hand #23 saw the poker gods up to their mysteries ways again when Dominik Kulicki pushed all in with pocket queens, Blair Hinkle called with pocket AJ and not one but two aces fell on the flop. The draw brought no help and Dominik Kulicki collected $81,944 for his 7th place finish.

Chris Bjorin’s timely early doubles ups had helped him stick around to hand #33, but he’d last no further. On this hand he pushed his remaining 113K chips in preflop with KQ and Hinkle called with A3. The board ran 8-T-2-3-5 and Chris Bjorin collected $106,404 for his sixth place finish. Dustin Dirksen would become Blair Hinkle’s next victim when on hand #41 he pushed all in preflop with A2 and Hinkle tabled A8, he received $135,757 for his fifth place finish.

Four handed play was a battle to say the least. It lasted 61 hands and a few hours before Hinkle would take over and finish off all three of his remaining opponents in 32 more hands. Here’s how that epic finish played out:

Steicke Stuck settling for fourth:

Blair Hinkle opens for 100K UTG and it became a family pot the remaining three players called. The flop comes Qc 8c 6c and Steicke open shoved all in. Hinkle isolated with an all in himself and they show their hands, Steicke: Tc 2s for a four flush and Hinkle: 8h 6d for bottom two. The turn and river come 5h Td and Steicke is stuck settling for fourth place and a $166,333 payday.

666 is Evil Mr. O’Brien, Fear the Hinkle

Preflop, Hinkle raised to $130K, Daniel O’Brien re-raised $1.2 million all in and Hinkle called. Hinkle: 66 O’Brien: 88. The crowd, which mostly consists of Hinkle supporters, erupted when the flop came As 6h 5d to give Hinkle the set. The turn and river are no help and O’Brien is to the rail in third collecting $198,132.

Editor’s note: Was the 666 symbolic? How else do 2 brothers win WSOP bracelets ten days apart without selling their souls? Okay, we’re joking these two kids got some crazy skills. Moving on…

As Scotty Nguyen once said “It’s all over baby!”

After Hinkle won the first 7 pots of heads up play uncontested, Mark Brockington would put all his chips in the middle on heads up hand #8. On this hand Hinkle raised to 155K, Brockington raised to 510K, Hinkle raised all-in and Brockington made the call. Hinkle once again shows 66 and Brockington had AK. Believe it or not 666 occurred once more as the board ran A-6-2- 8 and that was all, Brockington was drawing dead.

Blair Hinkle gives the Hinkle family their second WSOP bracelet of 2008, while picking up his first career WSOP victory and the $507,563 top place prize money. Brockington received $326,552 for his runner up finish.

Editor’s note: Blair Hinkle player’s online poker at Full Tilt under the name blur5f6. Players can earn 27% Full Tilt Poker Rakeback while completing against him by signing up through rakebackprop.com.

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