Michael “luckylady519” Banducci wins WSOP Event 5

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Michael Banducci (luckylady519 / worldsgrtest) wins WSOP Event 5Top online poker player Michael Banducci who is better known online as worldsgrtest“ and “luckylady519” won his first WSOP bracelet last night at Event #5. In winning this $1,000 w/ Rebuys Texas Hold’em final table he had to go through many fellow online poker pros such as Jeff “yellowsub86 “ Williams, Jonathan “fatal error“ Aguiar, Jamie “chronic420“ Rosen, and Steve “gboro780″ Gross. He’d also need to get through well known Vegas poker pro and two-time WPT Champion Michael Binger.

To say this was a stacked final table would be an understatement. The only three players relatively unknown where Alan Jaffray who final tabled a WSOP event last year and has 3 additional WSOP cashes under his belt, Lyric Duveyoung who already cashed in another 2008 WSOP (Event #2) and Peter Gould, a player from London, England who while having previously been a stranger to the WSOP is no stranger to high stakes poker. Gould had over 20 major cashes under his belt

Also the sub plot of this final table was most certainly Full Tilt Poker vs PokerStars as most of the players where wearing logos of one room or the other. Here are the starting chip counts as well as the player’s sponsorship attire:

Michael Banducci – 1,66 million (Full Tilt Hat and PokerVT)
Alan Jaffray – 1,22 million (PokerStars)
Peter Gould – 702 thousand (none)
Jeff Williams – 683 thousand (PokerStars)
Lyric Duveyoung – 659 thousand (PokerStars and EPT)
Jamie Rosen – 475 thousand (Full Tilt)
Jonathan Aguiar – 361 thousand (PokerStars)
Michael Binger – 186 thousand (Full Tilt and WPT Boot Camp)
Steve Gross – 112 thousand (unknown, sorry we missed it)

The final table got started early with a 3 way all n.

On final table hand #5 action was folded to Steve Gross bet his last 104,000 all in, and Jamie Rosen responded by moving his 420,000 chips all in. Jeff Williams looked interested as he asked for a count of Rosen’s chips but eventually mucked his hand. Lyric Duveyoung then tanked and after much deliberation pushed his 600,000 making him the third player all in. When the cards where turned up we saw.

Gross: Kc 10c
Rosen: Ad Qh
Duveyoung: Qs Qd

The board ran 3s 9s 10h 5h 9c, sending Steve Gross to the rail in 9th place ($57,881) and Jamie Rosen to the rail 8th place ($79,587).

The WSOP Donkament continued when on hand #8 Michael Binger pushed all in from the small blind holding As Jc and was called by Jeff Williams who held Kd 8h. The flop paired Williams a king and the most successful high stakes player in the field Michael Binger was eliminated in 7th place receiving $101,293.

Just when it looked like it would be a quick night with the final tables play in the early stages going more like an online Donkament than a WSOP final table, play would slow down as these well know internet pros each began tasting their first WSOP bracelet. It would take 75 hands and three and a half hours before the next player would be eliminated. This would happen on final table hand #83 which played out like this:

Jonathan Aguiar pushed all in for his remaining 113,000 chips. He was called by both Jeff Williams and Peter Gould. The flop came 8d 5s 10h and both players checked, and action was the same on an 8c turn. When the river came down Jc Williams bet 30.000 and Gould folded. It was the Jack on the river that did Aguiar in as Gould turned over Kd Jh which bested his Ac 7c, Jonathan Aguiar received $130,234 for his 6th place finish.

The next two eliminations would come quickly. On hand #86 Alan Jaffray got his money in bad with AQ against Michael Banducci pocket queens. He did manage to catch an ace on the river but it was useless as the case queen had already appeared on the flop. Alan Jaffray received $164,963 for his 5th place finish. Ten hands later Lyric Duveyoung would get his money all in with QJ against Peter Gould KT and would be eliminated in 4th place receiving $201,139.

King Ten is Gould’s lucky hand..

Having just eliminated an opponent with K T Gould found himself all in with it a few hands later, this time against Jeff Williams A Q. He managed to out flop Williams when the flop came 8d Td 9h, the turn and river where bricks and he doubled up.

William gets his chips back..

A few hands after doubling Gould up Williams would get his chips back when he successfully raced his pocket treys against Gould’s pocket AJ. At this point Willaims had over 1.5 million chips.

Gould and William in a boxing match

The story of play from here on out was Gould and Williams batting it back and forth like a couple of boxers. Gould managed out chip Williams again for a brief time before doubling him up again on hand #125. This time it was luck that would Williams the double as he was well behind with A9 to Gould’s AT, but nothing new for online players a nine would come on the flop giving Williams the double up.

Gould fought through out the final table and just when it looked like he might make a run, he had the sick misfortunate of watching his pocket Tens fall to Michael Banducci’s pocket when a 7 fell on the flop. After being robbed of a chance at a bracelet by first having his A9 fall to AT and second getting eliminated with TT going down to 77 we’re surprised Gould didn’t accuse the others of being super users or at least ask to have the Random Number Generator checked, in whatever case, obviously disappointed he collected $245,993 in prize money and will probably feel better in the morning.

In the end it was internet pro vs internet pro heads up to decide the title. Michael Banducci was wearing Full Tilt gear, while Jeff Williams was wearing PokerStars gear. These two players knew each other perhaps better than any two finalists in the history of the WSOP knew one another. They are both fixtures in online tournament rankings having many big cashes, both players have cashed for more money at PokerStars than any other site.

Michael Banducci has career tournament cashes of $319,376 at PokerStars, $31,821 at Paradise, $63,348 at Party Poker and $53,556 at Full Tilt. His PokerStars user name is luckylady519 and he’s worldsgrtest at the other sites.

Jeff Williams uses the online handle is yellowsub86 and has career tournament cashes of $427,815 at PokerStars and $65,600 at Full Tilt.

Jeff Williams was certainly the more experienced live player as he won the 2006 EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo in 2006, when he was only 19. He however found himself at a major chip disadvantage when heads up play began with 1.23 million chips against 5.26 million. The two players went back and forth for about 20 hands without seeing a flop until finally Williams decided it was time to make a move. He raised to 130K, Banducci re-raised to 400,000 total and Williams moved all in, CALL!

Banducci: Ad Jc
Williams: Ac 5d

The flop came Jh 2d Kc

When the turn came the 10d, Williams only hope was a Q would come giving them a chop pot but the final card was the 3c eliminating Williams in 2nd place good for a $406,330 payday. Michael Banducci receives the WSOP gold bracelet and $636,736.top place prize money for his victory in the 2008 WSOP Event 5 $1,000 No-Limit Texas Hold’em w/ Rebuys tournament.

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