Andrew Brown Tops Tedd Forrest in WSOP Event 16

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Andrew Brown wins Omaha Hi Lo WSOP 2008Andrew Brown a 25 year old poker player who at the outset of the final table called himself “the best online pot limit Omaha player no one has heard of”, ended up going through an impressive final table last night to become the champion of 2008 WSOP Event 16 ($2000 Omaha Hi/Lo). In the end he defeated Ted Forrest to win the bracelet and then gave a post match interview which probably didn’t make him any new friends. When asked what it felt like to have a WSOP bracelet he started his answer with saying he was supposed to win a Razz event first but hadn’t entered a Razz event yet so ended up winning this first, going against his initial plan. More or less he acted nonchalantly and did not show much respect for his opponents. Of course one would assume he does not care about his image and does not have the same respect for the game others have, but he’s young and it could possibly be that he does not interview well, something Jamie Gold’s poker image also suffered from. In any case he pulled off a victory last night that shocked everyone in poker except for himself.

Final Table Coverage

Here are the final table’s seat position, starting chip counts and brief player bios:

Seat one: Ralph Perry with 340Kchips. Perry comes into the event with $2 million in career winnings, he’s best known for his 2002 Main event performance where he finished behind only the champion Robert Varkonyi and the runner up Julian Gardner, however he also has a 2006 WSOP bracelet won in a Pot Limit Omaha Event.

Seat two: Andrew Brown with 344K chips. Brown came into this event as an unknown player, but on his player card filled in that he is “the best online PLO player nobody knows”.

Seat three: Scott Clements with 397K chips. Clements is a 26-year-old Full Tilt Poker sponsored pro with quite an impressive resume. He has 2 WSOP bracelets, 2 WPT championships and a WSOP circuit ring. He also won the North American Poker Championships in Ontario, good for a $1,505,312 payday.

Seat four: Jim Pechac with 193K chips. Pechac has over half a million in career winnings and a runner up finishing in a 2003 WSOP event. He is the big story today as he started the day with 2K chips and reached the final table with 193K chips.

Seat 5: Jimmy Fricke with 51K. Fricke is known online as Gobboboy but he caught the attention of the live poker world when he finished second at the 2007 Aussie Millions behind only Gus Hansen.

Seat 6: Soheil Shamseddin with 300K chips. He is a 52 year old semi-professional poker player making his second WSOP final table appearance. Last year he finished fourth in the event won by Gary Styczynski.

Seat 7: Ted Forrest with 313K chips. Forrest is one of the biggest names at this final table, he has $5 million in career winnings, 5 WSOP bracelets, a WPT title, a PPT Title and an NBC National Head up Championship victory under his belt.

Seat 8 Kia Hooshmand with 162K chips. If you’re a high stakes cash game player from Atlantic City you’ll know Hooshmand well, otherwise you probably haven’t heard of him as he focuses on high stakes cash games and not tournaments.

Seat 9 Allan “Calypso” Enciso with 120K chips. Enciso is a native of the Philippines, now residing in Los Angeles. He came into the event with over $135,000 career winnings.

Final Table Recap

The first player to exit was the short stack Jimmy “Gobboboy“ Fricke. He opened a pot for a raise and Andrew Brown came over the top all in. Brown showed 4s 3s 6h 9h and Fricke showed 6c Ad Kd Qd. The board came 7c 3d Jc 9s 6s sending Fricke to the rail in ninth place, he collected $21,135 for his first WSOP final table finish.

The night’s next elimination came when Allan Enciso put his final chips in preflop against Ted Forrest and Scott Clements. On a board that showed Qh 2s 3s 8s Kd:, Clements called Nut low with Ad 4h and Forrest called nut high with Kc Kh, Allan Enciso mucked collecting $28,684 for his eight place finish.

With the thought of a WSOP bracelet in player’s minds, play slowed down and it would take a while for the night to find its next elimination. During this time chip leaders Ted Forrest and Kia Hooshmand tangled a few times with Forrest most often getting the best of it. Between these two players battling, Andrew Brown would send Scott Clements to the rail in 7th place and Ralph Perry to the rail in 6th. Clements went out when Brown turned over Qd Ah Ks 5s.on a board of 4c Jc 5h Qc 5d, Clements mucked collecting $36,232. Perry went out when Brown turned over 7s 7h 3c 2c for a set on a board of 7c Kh 9h 4c Jc and Perry mucked having to settle for a $46,297 payday. Once these two were eliminated the battle between Tedd Forrest and Kia Hooshmand continued, this time with Hooshmand being sent to the rail. Here’s how the hand played out:

Forrest opened from UTG and Kia Hooshmand moved all in for his last 45K. Forrest showed Ac 7d 2h Td and Hooshmand showed Ad 8s 9d 2s. The board ran 4c Jh Ah 4s 10s giving Forrest the win with aces up and Kia Hooshmand was out in fifth place collecting $58,877 for his fifth place finish.

A while later Soheil Shamseddin was eliminated in 4th place for a $71,961 payday. On this hand he opened for a raise UTG,and both Andrew Brown and “Big” Jim Pechac called from the blinds. The flop came Kc 5d 5s and after it was checked to Shamseddin he tossed in his last chips and both his opponents called. The turn came a deuce, Brown bet and Pechac folded. Brown: turned over 2s 2d 6d 9s and Shamseddin tabled Ad 8h Qc 6h-Hearts, Brown already high locked up and when the river was a jack he had the scoop sending Soheil Shamseddin to the rail.

On the fifth hand of three handed play Jim Pechac increased his chip stack to 450K and Ted Forrest looked at him and said “one chip”. Pechac corrected Forrest explaining on the last hand of day 2 he had tossed in his final 1K chip and doubled to 2K so today he had actually started with 2 chips. Ted Forrest responded with a smile saying “Either way, it’s a hell of a job.” After an hour and 20 minutes of three handed play. Pechac’s impressive run would end. On this hand Andrew Brown made two pair with Jd 3d 6s 4s against Pechac’s Qh Qc 5d 8h on a board of Kh 4c 5s 6d Jc. Jim Pechac collected $88,065 third place prize money which is not to shabby for a guy who started the day with just 2000 chips.

In the end it would be the tournaments most recognized player Ted Forrest facing off against the only guy at this final table no one had ever heard of in Andrew Brown.

The final hand

Forrest led on a flop of 9d Jd Ah and Brown called, when the turn came 8c Forrest again bet and Brown called quickly. On a river of 2s, Forrest bet all in and Brown again called. Forrest tabled Ad 4d 7s Qs giving him Aces for high and an 8-7 low. Brown tabled better for both with 4s 5d Jh 2h he had 2 pair for high and an 8-5 low.

When Andrew Brown makes his next final table he’ll be able to fill in WSOP bracelet winner as opposed to “best online PLO player no one has heard of” as this of course no longer applies as the poker world’s most certainly now heard of Mr. Andrew Brown.

Ted Forrest received $143,420 for his runner up finish and Andrew Brown received $226,483 top place prize money and a WSOP bracelet.

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