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Posted in // Poker News Outs is a relatively new poker room that operates on the Merge Gaming Network. Other sites on this network includes Carbon Poker, Iron Duke and other major rooms. In a short period of time has separated themselves apart from the other rooms by offering promotions such as the Outs program.

The Outs program has become very popular because any player from low stakes to high stakes can take advantage and earn loyalty points. Oh and if you’re curious about the term ‘Outs’ its definition is any card or cards that will turn the statistical underdog into a winner. When a player is playing a real money ring game or a real money tournament they have the opportunity to complete Out tasks, although, these tasks are different for tournaments and ring games.

When a task is completed the player will earn a predetermined amount of comp points. Please note, players must email support from within the player admin and provide the hand id to receive credit within 48 hours of the hand taking place.

A couple examples of tasks that are within the Outs program are:

Cash Games

* Back to Back – Win two hands in a row and earn 5 Comp Points
* Three-Peat – Win 3 hands in a row and earn 25 Comp Points
* Take ‘Em Down – Win an ‘All In” bet earn 50 Comp Points
* Ballin – Place a bet of $1,000 and earn 100 Comp Points
* Well Rounded – Play 30 hands of Hold’em, Omaha and Stud within one hour and earn 500 Comp Points


* Getting Started – Build your chip stack to 100k and earn 20 Comp Points
* Heating Up – Win 2 sit n goes in a row and earn 100 Comp Points
* Proof – Win two Multi Table Tournaments in one day and earn 750 Comp Points

There are plenty more tasks for both cash games and tournaments to complete. To view complete list please visit our Aced Poker and Rakeback review.

Comp points can be used on Aced Poker for a variety of things including purchasing bonuses and tournament coupons.

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