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There isn’t a single high volume player out there these days who doesn’t enjoy the benefits of rake rebate in some form. It goes without saying that taking advantage of a sort of loyalty set up which doesn’t require any sort of extra efforts on the part of the player whatsoever is a must for everyone who thinks of him or herself as knowledgeable when it comes to online poker. While square poker rakeback deals are not only extremely popular but quite ubiquitous at the higher stakes, fewer players know of the benefits of poker propping.


What exactly is poker propping though? Online poker propping is the same as poker propping in live casinos – an activity which has in fact quite a history to look back on. Online poker props are tasked with the exact same mission that their live peers have been given for years in various live gambling establishments across America and the world: they have to generate action, because without action, an online poker room can simply not function. Poker is a social game and the social aspect is indeed something that permeates its actual gameplay as well as the appeal of the individual games. If a player logs into an online poker room and sees that there is no one there whatsoever, he won’t just leave, he will in fact probably make a mental note never to return there again. By hiring poker props, online poker rooms can make sure that there is always some sort of action at the tables, thus avoiding the above described fiasco. Once critical player liquidity is reached (which basically means that there are players that the majority of the tables the majority of the time), poker rooms can take it easier with their props. The problem however is, there always seems to be a poker variant or a blinds level which just doesn’t get enough action, therefore players willing to accept the extra requirements and expectations that poker rooms have towards them will always find propping opportunities, even at some of the bigger operations.


Above, we have said that poker rooms “hired” their props, which shouldn’t be taken in its traditional sense. While they do indeed pay their players extra for the services that they provide, they don’t do it in the traditional way: they don’t actually hand them money, instead, they offer them an outrageously generous rake rebate deal. Indeed, some of these deals are so great that they in fact end up paying players for the time they spend at the poker tables. Such deals offer a rake rebate rate of more than 100%. Poker props who enjoy deals of 100% can safely say that they play rake free. Those who have played a hand or two at the various online poker rooms, can attest to the fact that while apparently insignificant, the poker rake is indeed a formidable adversary for the marginally successful player. Poker propping sites will also confirm the fact that they have managed to turn many a previously losing player into a winning one, through their poker pro deals.

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